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Most of the people who get Floor sanding Geelong services are homeowners who have purchased old-fashioned floors that come with the extraordinary look of the day. But finding a dustless service is not that easy. However, Total Floor Sanding and the Polishing company have a long way to go in providing dust-free service with technological advances have resulted delivers much less dirt.

Why opt for sanding dustless service?

It makes a lot of sense to choose a dust-free service for health reasons. People with strong dust-related allergies to can easily experience health problems, mention people at risk for asthma and other lung problems. The beauty of working with a dustless service we use devices well to keep the dust released within the harmful levels. With our traditional techniques with modern tools on the other hand know nothing and as a result, dirt cannot spread everywhere.

Here are some of the major answered questions for sanding service:

How many times can be sanding service is done? 

There is no definite answer to this question, as it depends on many variables purpose of sanding; Is there a deep gauge that we are taking out, how difficult they are and how many other things can affect them. However, the main guideline for how often the floor can be sanded is the thickness of the wood floor. Assumed, and based on that we can determine that like a 24 mm structure can take 4 sanding services, a 12 mm thick floor can take 2 and so on. 

Can engineering flooring be sanded? 

Yes! For those who do not know, engineered flooring is the surface of solid wood, with engineered ply at the bottom. It will leap over the last few years and the top engineered brands now have a surface layer, part of which is a quarter inch. Those who have considered the above will know that this means that it will stand up to an enterprise.

 Can pet stains be sanded from floors? 

Pet stains are a nuisance to homeowners around the world. Here’s a great way of telling if this is possible. We put on your fresh 36 or 40 gritty attitudes to start sanding the floor. Run over the stain, even if it is on one side of the stain (if it is a large stain). If the scar is significantly reduced in size after only one or two runs on it, there is a good chance that it will disappear if you run on it twice more.

Can I invest money for professional service?

Some homeowners have the ability to invest some money in Floor sanding Geelong service. And it is good for you, you can expect a very good finish and a very short time to complete. 

In summary, 

sanding hardwood floors is not always easy. In fact, some wood floor owners prefer to hire a Floor sanding Geelong services from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing company. We provide a professional expert to do the sanding for them. Thus, keeping your floor beautiful and free from itching/damage, it is a good idea to avoid the need for sanding, especially when you consider the fact that you want to sand the floor.