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Over the years flooring can become dull in appearance and in some cases damaged. It is always advisable to seek the help of a professional who serves on time to get the best finish. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is top floor sanding and polishing services company in Melbourne for providing Expets in Floor Sanding in MelbourneThe floor sanding process is complex and needs to be adapted to suit the type of wooden surface coatings left and possible markings. Wood floor restoration is the best investment because it will likely last a long time due to the best available products used with tried-and-tested techniques.

Recognition in the development of new products and equipment, however, who are health-conscious should no longer tolerate the appearance of worn and scratched hardwood structures. Our professionals will do dustless refining as an option that customers can choose to take advantage of. This method completes the work without messing up. It uses green products and vacuum technology for dustless and odourless sanding.

What do you need to do before sanding?

Before you begin it is a good idea to fill in any cracks or gaps in your floor before you sand your wood floor. Our Expets in Floor Sanding in Melbourne take a decision as to which of these to fill in the gaps is entirely up to you as a homeowner. You should also keep in mind that the moisture will expand and shrink the floor as a result so you need to leave space for this to happen. If the room you are working in does not have a door, you should hang a plastic sheet over the door to accommodate the dust.

What do you need to do after finishing sanding process?

All you need to take care of is not to use the floor for more than a week. Although you will be able to walk on it without any hard-soldered shoes, you should not move heavy furniture on it until the coats are fully hardened. Many external forces can damage the floor, such as water damage or traffic jams that have lost their function. Deciding to actually invest money in the flooring of your home is half the battle. Sanding the wood floor will make you think of all the dust that will cover everything but this is no longer the case. The new machines collect all the dust making the job almost dust-free and completely converted or sometimes removed any stains.


Many older homes have wonderful old flooring that can be sanded, rendered and re-sealed then come to Total Floor Sanding and Polishing a top company providing Expets in Floor Sanding in Melbourne who be able to restore an old floor to its original glory, most older homes have a repair issue that needs to be addressed first. And that is why we are known as top floor sanding and polishing services company in Melbourne.