Timber Floor Staining Melbourne

Timber Floor Staining

Timber floor sanding Melbourne has an advantage over all other hard floors by giving you the chance of changing its color to a wide variety of colors of your choice, direct staining of a timber floor isn’t an easy task and would require years of experience and loads of skills otherwise the outcome will not be pleasant at all as the floor could be patchy, inconsistent and have dirty appearance, the stains have to be a bit deep so that if the floor got scratched the bare timber color will not be exposed, this is the reason we don’t recommend the use of tinted varnish over bare timber.

The best way to stain timber floor is to sand it first to smooth and silky finish, then apply the chosen stain color with utmost care to ensure the color is consistent over the whole floor.

To ensure your satisfaction with the timber floor staining Melbourne, we would apply a color test first and get your approval before commencing with this task, the reason behind that is you may like a color sample but when applied on the floor you may dislike it as it could look completely different from the sample due to the timber species of the sample is different from your floor, so we will take extra care in this process to guarantee your satisfaction with the outcome and achieve your dreamed color.