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Thinking to get your concrete floor polished? Think of Total Floor Sanding & Polishing. Dial- 0385101553 now! We provide specialized concrete polishing Melbourne services efficiently.

We’ll Polish Your Concrete Floor and give it a new Look like never before!

Concrete is considered as one of the most sturdy, environmentally friendly and durable material used in both commercial and residential sectors. Although being so tough, over the time, under normal using conditions, it can begin to chip and change colour due to accumulating dirt, grime and stains from daily spills. And this is where we come to play. We are Residential, Commercial and Industrial specialist and have been offering concrete polishing for a long time. We use different methods to polish the concrete floors to suit the usage of each floor. Usages of the concrete floor can vary from Residential home, corporate offices, Retail shops, Warehouse to Industrial factories. We have the right tools and equipment to provide professional results. Whether you have a commercial or residential space, polished concrete is the greenest and smartest way to go as you save the environment by not using a floor covering. We offer our concrete polishing Melbourne wide, so contact us now to get a Free Quote.

What are Polished Concrete Melbourne Floors?

Polished concrete Melbourne floors have a sleek, shiny and above all they are easy to maintain as well as cost-effective. Polished concrete is employed in many areas including: art galleries, warehouses, retail environments plus many residential properties. The sophistication and the grace offered by polished concrete floors have made it number 1 flooring choice for modern homes and workplaces, having many benefits over other flooring choices. This flooring can be found in retail facilities, restaurants, showrooms, offices, hotels, and warehouses, even in private homes.

Benefits of Polished Concrete floors

  • polished concrete is environmentally friendly & budget friendly
  • Extremely durable, easy to maintain, and long lasting
  • Helps to conserve energy by the reflection effect
  • Polished concrete floors are the magnificent and economical decoration for any hallway, lounge, and generally for any high-traffic area.
  • Once our process is completed, we will assure you to get the desired degree of shine and smoothness.

Concrete Polishing Melbourne by Our Experienced and Trained Specialists

At Total Floor Sanding and Polishing, we are blessed with a team of skilled and experienced technicians who are committed to providing reliable and professional service to our customers on every project we undertake. Our expert technicians are experienced (at least 10 years in this industry), trained and equipped with the best quality machinery &tooling to execute the polishing jobs efficiently. We assure you that after professional concrete polishing services, you will find your concrete floor stunning and mirror-like.

Are you thinking about those days when your concrete floor was used to be beautiful and new? Stop reminiscing and let the experts here at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing restore or rejuvenate your flooring! We have the expertise and knowledge to know what to do and in order to get your concrete floors looking stunning once again!!

Give us a call today on 03 8510 1553 and enjoy a free consultation over the phone from the business owner (who is a building professional) and we can also offer you a free site visit to assist you to choose the best polishing option for your floor.

Methods of Concrete Polishing:

  1. Grind and Seal (indoor & outdoor)
  2. Buff, Sand and Seal (indoor only)
  3. Wash & Seal (rejuvenations to Driveways and Garages)
  4. Full Mechanical Polishing (Hiperfloor) (indoor only)
  5. Surface Polishing (Warehouses and factories).
  6. Epoxy floors (coloured and clear)
  7. Flake on Epoxy (indoor only)
  8. Concrete resurfacing (Outdoors like driveways, backyards, Patios, around Swimming Pools…etc)
We are Just a Call Away!

If you are in Melbourne and in need of a Concrete Polishing Melbourne services, we’re here to help! Book our service, by calling us on 03 8510 1553 or send us your request via our contact page. Our trained staff will get in touch with you soon!!

Why us for your Concrete Polishing Service

Peace Of Mind

All our concrete floor technicians are insured with a public liability insurance for $ 5,ooo,ooo or more to ensure that your valuable premises are safe all the time.


Our concrete technicians are fully dedicated to this trade as most of them have been working as concreter before for a long time which will give them deep knowledge when dealing with your concrete floor and they will always offer you the best solution to suit your concrete floor condition&purpose.


All our jobs are backed by 12 month workmanship guarantee plus 5 years manufacturer guarantee on the polishing material, so be sure that your precious floor is well covered after the job completion.

Exceptional service

When you deal with us, you will enjoy a hassle free & exceptional service backed by the business owner (Building professional for more than 30 years) follow up all the way until your job is completed to your satisfaction and after sale service too.

Convenience Advice & Service

We are available 7 days/week to discuss your concrete floor needs and offer free site inspection & quote as needed, we also use the latest & dustless concrete floor machinery to keep it dust free as possible

Wide Range of Polishing Methods

We offer our customers a wide range of concrete polishing methods to suite their concrete conditions and the purpose of using this floor, from a residential house to commercial retail store to an industrial factory floor. We can suggest the best method to polish your concrete floor to achieve the best outcome to suit the usage of the floor.

Flexible & urgent service

If you are after an urgent service, we can help you as most of our technicians are flexible and can handle more than one job in a time, so call us if you need any urgent help or having a tight deadline.

Residential & Commercial

We can serve you at your home or business as we have the capability to handle any job size small or big, in a suburb or in the busy CBD, we can do it all

Melbourne Wide Concrete Polishing

Concrete Grid and seals


Concrete Mechanical Polishing

Full Mechanical Polishing (Hiperfloor)

Timber Floor Repair

Epoxy floors

Timber Floor Installation

Concrete resurfacing


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