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Are your floors looking a little dull? Bring back their shine with floor polishing from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing. We offer comprehensive timber floor polishing Melbourne services that will have your floors looking new in no time!

The floors of our homes are an investment that we should take care to maintain. A good-conditioned and shiny-looking floor can make any space in your house feel more inviting, especially if you want it for entertainment purposes where there’s usually some degree of contact with people walking around or sitting down.

The natural beauty of timber floors is a great way to bring freshness and life into your living spaces, whether you’re looking for something classic or modern

Restoring Your Floor’s Shine with Floor Polishing Melbourne

Whether you have timber, vinyl, parquetry or Polished Concrete Melbourne, we can help. We use the latest techniques and equipment to achieve the best possible results, and we’re always up-to-date with the latest industry trends. We understand that every client is different, which is why we offer a tailored approach to each and every job.

We’ll take the time to listen to your needs and requirements, and we’ll work with you to come up with a tailored solution that meets your individual needs. Driven by our vast experience, time-tested techniques, and the expertise of our floor sanding Melbourne team, we can restore your timber floors and decks to their former glory.

Don’t Let Dirt, Grime and Dust Ruin Your Floors

We are timber floor sanding Melbourne specialists! With over a decade of experience, the team at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing can provide you with quality service for your hardwood floors or timber. To keep your wooden floors looking their best, we offer a range of products that will help you maintain and protect them.

The warm, rich look of wood floors is something that every homeowner dreams about. Not only do they provide an elegant and aesthetically pleasing interior design, but they also increase the retail value of your home!

We are committed to providing only the highest standards in sanding and polishing so that we may give all clients an exceptional level of satisfaction, second-to-none. Let the team of timber floor sanding Melbourne handle your cause and get instant benefits.

Join Your Hands with Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne Specialists

Qualified And Accredited

We are an ATFA (Australasian Timber Flooring Association) qualified and accredited member, which assures our customers that our team is fully accredited for timber floor sanding and polishing Melbourne.

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Taken Care of By Experts

You can be confident and sit back while our highly professional and certified team will provide you with the best service regardless of your project size; they have the capabilities to carry out a job you can rely on.

Great Customer Service

We’re passionate about our work, which shows in everything we do. We never stop until you are 100% satisfied with the results, from start to finish – can’t guarantee that, but giving your trust is what matters most!

Exceptional service
A Wide Range of Specialities

We have the most experienced technicians in town who can handle wood flooring like Solid Hardwood floors, Laminate or Engineered floors, Bamboo, Parquetry and even Decking floors. We always ensure your new surface is installed correctly and will last a long time!

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A Wealth of Experience

30 years of floor sanding and polishing Melbourne, including 15 years in the flooring industry; we have a wealth of experience in floor polishing Melbourne; exceptional service backed up by the business owner follow-up until your job is completed to your satisfaction; and after-sale service as well.

Wide range of specialty
Value for Money

We’re here to make your space shine! Our services not only leave floors looking great but can also improve their quality and value significantly. Our timber floor polishing Melbourne service offers high-quality work with competitive pricing, so you can rest assured that we’ll be able to tackle any job!

Bringing Back the Natural Beauty of Floors with Advanced Equipment

Floor sanding and polishing are a great way to improve the appearance of your home or commercial property. Not only does it take years off its age, but you’ll breathe new life into those tired floors! To achieve the perfect finish, our careful procedures usually involve three stages: Preparation, sanding, and coating with a protective sealant to ensure high-quality standards. With flawless and personalised timber floor polishing Melbourne residents can have a beautiful piece of wood that feels amazing and has benefits for their interior environment too

How The Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Process Works

The first step of sanding is preparation. When we first review the floor or decks, our team will remove any nails or obstructions without splitting your timber. We never pressure wash during preparation because it could damage what you’ve worked so hard on!

It means less effective at what you want to be doing with your project in mind if there are obstructions left behind due carelessness on behalf our own mistakes made while working outside before starting something new like sander duty – but never worry because most glues will remove themselves after enough time has passed since last using them!

Sanding Process

After the floor is prepared, it is sanded. The first cut is done with coarse-grit paper and takes off old finishes in order to make sure there are no blemishes left behind. Next come high-quality sanding machines; we sand your floor twice.

Any board irregularities are removed. An edging machine is used to sand the areas around the perimeter that cannot be reached by the large sanders. In this cut, the belt sander is used parallel to the grain of the wood. At this stage of the floor sanding process, filling holes or boards is required, followed by fine edge sanding. Thus, a rotary machine sander is used to give the final finish.

Polishing Floor

Once the floor is dry, it’s vacuumed again to remove any remaining dust. Next, a sealant or coating of your choice will be applied and left for three coats before being finished with another round of vacuuming!

Melbourne Wide Flooring Services

Timber Floor Sanding & Floor Polishing

Regardless of how firm your timber flooring is; after some years, the quality of these floors gets down due to the traffic over it. Therefore, after the hard usages of timber floor, it demands for a renewal operation. At this stage, our timber floor sanding and polishing services can be a versatile solution for your floors.

Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing Melbourne

Timber Floor Staining

With time and constant usages, you may get bored from the look of the floor and seek some change in the floor look and colour to add more beauty to the floor for years to come. At this stage, choosing our timber floor staining Melbourne service can solve this issue by adding it with appealing colour and textures.

Timber Floor Staining

Timber Floor Repair

If you have timber floor installed in a surrounding area, then certainly it may get badly affected. In this condition, the floor boards get damaged and to make it look better and even more attractive, our timber floor repair Melbourne solution can prove to be a perfect solution for you.

Timber Floor Repair Melbourne

Timber Floor Installation

When you choose timber flooring for your home or any other property, make sure the installation should be done by a skilled professional. Floor installation is truly a complex job which needs superior expertise indeed. Choosing our Timber floor installation service can be the best one in this regard.

Timber Floor Installation Melbourne
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Before sanding, vacuum the surface to be treated and remove any dust or debris. All furniture and other personal belongings must be removed from the rooms. This will give you plenty of space to move around and avoid damaging any delicate surfaces. Also, use sheets or plastic to cover surfaces you don’t want to get dusty or scratched during sanding.

TFSP’s floor sanding and polishing services are ideal for floors with minor scratches, discolouration, wear, or a build-up of dirt and cleaning solutions. These services require only one day and are less expensive than sanding.

All hardwood floors can be sanded, but not all types of flooring are suitable for sanding. For instance, some engineered wood floors have a thin veneer that can be damaged during the sanding process. So, before you start a sanding project, it’s important to know what types of floors can be sanded and which ones can’t.

It’s hard to say how long you’ll need after polishing until your floors are completely dry. The best way is just to be careful and avoid walking on them. But if that isn’t an option, ensure no furniture has been replaced 72 hours later because of scratches or ruts left behind by dragging items across the floor before uplifting them onto their new spot!

You can typically re-sand a floor 3-4 times before you need to replace it. Of course, this depends on the thickness of your wear layer and how much traffic your floors get. If you have a high-traffic area, you may need to replace your floors sooner.

When you polish floors, you apply a coating that helps protect them from dirt and dust. This coating needs time to dry completely so that it will be effective in keeping your floors clean. You should wait at least four hours after polishing floors before walking on them. If you walk on the floor before it has dried, you could damage the coating and make it more difficult to keep your floors clean. Waiting at least four hours after polishing will give the coating enough time to dry completely.