Timber floor buffing and cleaning Melbourne

Timber floor buffing and cleaning

Timber floors like all other floors will require regular cleaning to keep them in a good shape, while normal moping is enough if done on a regular basis, but if you get busy with your work and looking after the kids, your timber floor can be neglected for some time and then buffing the floor will be required to get it back to the best looking condition.

Buffing the timber floor is designed to remove all grease, dirt, grime and some facial scuff marks, it is not designed to remove any scratches (as they will require sanding). Also buffing is not designed to add a shine to the floor but will clean it the best possible condition.

We normally follow the below steps to clean timber floors:

Sweep or vacuum the floor if required
Spray heavy duty degreaser on the floor to loosen all the dirt
Buff the floor using a Rotary Buffer Machine and red or blue pads
Mop the floor
Once we have finished the above steps you should get cleaner and brighter floors for a long time as long as you apply the regular moping to the floor.

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