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Flooring has been known for enhancing the overall look of the space. Whether it is about renovation or modifying the existing features, selecting perfect flooring is very much important as it is a lifelong decision and affects the functionality of the whole house.

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Concrete floors are the most popular ancient flooring used in the royal palaces of Greece during the 1400-1200  BC for water-proof construction.

Concrete material is neutral and perfectly blends with all kinds of interior.

Because of its consistent nature, it can be used in a combination of different types of floorings. 

Where to use concrete floorings at home:

In earlier times, the concrete floor was generally used for garages, outdoor space, and basements but nowadays because of its multi-purpose use, it has grown in commercial industries from interior decors to flooring, walls, and much more.

They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and many other places. Concrete floors are proven to be dust and stain-resistant.

The concrete floor has plenty of advantages that are they are resistant to mostly all chemicals, gases, and oils.

Polished Concrete Melbourne is famously known as cement flooring in the commercial industries.

It can be easily installed on the other flooring and has a low maintenance cost. It is also easy to sanitized and make germ and allergen-free.

When to perform concrete floor polishing?

Concrete floor polishing should be carried out after the 10 days of concrete top layer installation so, the layer is moderately soft and easy to polish the surface.

If you polish the concrete surface that is older than 28 days, it will use more pads and become complex to polish the entire surface.

It is recommended to Hire Concrete Polishing Company in Melbourne every 2 to 3 years to maintain its shine and better condition.

Concrete flooring finishing ideas:

Though it totally depends on one’s personal preference. There are various concrete flooring ideas that can help to create stunning concrete floorings:

You can also keep plane concrete floor without any designs and structure, it still looks simple and good.

You can create pigmented designs with concrete using acrylic, spraying, and many more.

You can transform your plain concrete floor into granite, marble, or polished surface according to your requirements.

You can mix paint color with concrete material to give your desired shade and colorings.

Concrete floor maintenance:

Clean the dust using the soft brushed broomstick.

use a mild cleanser with a soft cotton mop for cleaning stains.

Regular cleaning products such as washing powder, liquid soaps, vinegar, ammonium are safe to use for cleaning concrete floors.

Clean the spills instantly to avoid floor staining.

Scrub concrete floor every week to get rid of dust and debris from the surface and maintaining a smooth texture.


hope you enjoyed reading our blog and gathered useful information related to concrete flooring ideas and their maintenance.

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