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A wooden floor looks compelling, but a thousand problems arise, as anyone who has a wooden floor in his house would know. You can use the simple and sweet technique for the “wooden floor cleaning Melbourne” treatment.

What are the Hardwood floors?

  1. Periodically clean floors with a professional wood floor cleaning product recommended by a professional wood flooring.
  2. Sweep with a soft bristle brush or powder with a dry microfiber mop.
  3. If the floor has bevelled edges, vacuum it to remove dust between the floorboards.

First of all, answer the questions of this, you can get the best “floor cleaning services in Melbournetreatment available.

  1. What kind of finish do you have?

First, it is important to know what type of finish you have on the floor so you have the right type of cleaner.

  • Sealed floors: The vast majority of homeowners have some type of sealed surface finish. These finishes are placed on the wood and help to avoid water absorption or spots. They are easier to clean and maintain.
  • Timber floors: Unlike traditional polyurethane, oily finishes soak the wood and harden, so they essentially become part of the wood. These finishes look different to what you normally see and required timber floor buffing and cleaning in Melbourne.
  1. What is the best way to clean the wooden floor?

The best thing for your floor depends on the age of your floors and the type of finish on your hardwood floors. If you do not know what type of finish your floor has, do everything possible to find out.

  1. What kind of finish is my hardwood floors?

If you have a newer wood floor, it is likely to be sealed on the surface. To notice the difference in a pinch, simply rub your finger on the floor. Make sure you do this on a clean floor.

If a stain does not appear, the floor is sealed on the surface. Keep in mind when your floors were installed too. If you are not sure about what type of finish your hardwood floor has, check our blog to help you identify the finished floor.

  1. Protect wood floors against dirt

Tiny particles, such as dirt, can act like sandpaper and scratch your wood. By placing a rug at each entrance and encouraging family members and guests to clean their feet, most dirt and grime will remain on the mat.

Use mats near the entrance doors. You can reduce the cleaning time and wear of hardwood floors by adding mats at your entrances. Place the mats both on the outside and inside of the exterior doors to reduce adhering dirt.

  1. Use appropriate cleaning products

When possible, use the cleaning products recommended by the floor cleaning services in Melbourne. In some cases, failure to comply with the recommendations may invalidate your guarantees. If the floors were finished on the site, talk to the installer for product recommendations.

At the end,

Remember always, every wooden floor is an investment, and you want to do everything possible to ensure that your investment lasts for decades.