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Whether you believe me or not, home’s beauty is defined by the hardwood floor appearance. And, buffing hardwood floors is the affordable procedure for refinishing. Through, Timber floor buffing and cleaning in Melbourne services you can improve the quality of your floor by buffing and polishing it rather than refinishing floors. Although, basic floor buffing process can be affordable, simple, and a bit time-consuming.

Buffing wooden floors can remove scuffs and it can give your floor lustrous shine and attractive that can last for a long time. Thus, you should seek a company for floor cleaning Services in Melbourne and shine the floor.

Polishing Vs. Refinishing

It is essential to know the difference between polishing floors and refinishing floor. Both of the tasks are similar but, when you polish a hardwood floor then, keep the finish the floor. When the hardwood floor refinishes then you completely remove the floor finish and replace it.

Few more tips…

  • Apply floor polish and use the “feathering” technique to make sure a smooth finish without lines.
  • Also, you can use floor polish for adding a protective new layer and fill in micro scratches and to improve floor look.
  • Don’t forget to test polish in an inconspicuous floor section before spreading on the floor.

How many times in a month or year should I clean my floor?

Well, cleaning can help to minimize the dust and dirt on your floors that can act like sandpaper. Although, usage of it depends on the floor traffic homeowner floor maintenance is every two to three months.

And, how long will it take?

The time to clean and to polish floors depends on the wood floors size. And, it is a quick and easy process when you hire the best company for cleaning and polishing job. This polish provides a protective layer and many of the people go for a DIY project. Simply, remove furniture and rugs then vacuum the floor. Then, give it a wet cleaning with the best floor cleaning company. Then, let it dry for one hour and 24 hours before opening it for family traffic.

What do you require while buffing hardwood floors?

For buffing a wood floor, you will require either rent or purchase a floor-buffing machine or professional services. Before you start doing, always remember to remove obstacles that come across the path. Accidents can happen, but you can handle the risk by removing furniture, floor vents, floor transitions, and long window treatments.

Clean & dry hardwood flooring

Before you start polishing, you should prep your hardwood floor by going through dust rag over it for removing loose particles and use warm water and the appropriate cleaning solution to mop the floor thoroughly.

What’s on your mind?

Thus, if you require Timber floor buffing and cleaning in Melbourne services, then you should surely prepare yourself with above-given tactics. And, hire the best company who can help you keep the floor shiny & raise your status bar.