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The cleaning of your wooden floor is one of the most important daily tasks in the home. We usually use various commercial cleaners, which may clean the floors effectively but may also increase the risk for your family and visiting friends. Most of these cleaners usually involve harsh chemicals and dangerous substances, which can harm both the environment and health. However, it is not necessary to use them in order to have a well maintained and cleaned floor. With a few good green cleaning tips and advice, you will be able to keep your floors in top condition and live healthy too.

First of all, you have to learn to maintain your floor on a daily basis, so you can avoid any dirt and stains stacking. Here I will provide you with some techniques to use and greatly reduce the need of cleaning.

Don’t let your guests enter your home with their shoes on. However, make sure to give them any home shoes, so they can still feel comfortable.

Make sure to place doormats on the entrances, such as bathroom, your apartment door, and balcony.

Also don’t forget to plan the sweeping and mopping and make a schedule. It will be easier to track your daily duties this way.

However, when you have to do the big time cleaning, you will surely need some helpful advice as the wooden floor surface require different cleaning technique and approach from the other types. Anyway, the wooden flooring should be also examined carefully, because there are two types – wooden floors with surface finish and penetrating finish.

The first type or the surface finish floor has to be cleaned without much water. Make sure not to soak the mop, because you can easily damage the wood. To make the cleaning solution just mix ¼ cup of mild liquid dishwashing detergent and add it to a bucket of water. When you are soaking the mop in the bucket, don’t forget to squeeze it effectively and remove the excess water.

About the penetrating finish, you have to use solvent-based cleaner and try to spray just a light film on the floor. Then you have to dry effectively with a regular or microfiber mop. Don’t use a water based cleaner ever. As many cleaning professionals advise you can easily clean up any spill with just a slightly damp cloth.