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Everyone wants a clean and sparkling home but it may include back-breaking jobs like sanding, polishing, and many more. But it depends upon the type of flooring you have; there are many easy cleaning techniques available that you can perform using DIY at home. For good floor maintenance, always choose the best Floor Polishing Services Melbourne for the long life of the floors.

Amazing techniques that don’t break your back nor even knee pads and can be easily performed at home without sweating anymore.

1) Cleaning hardwood flooring:

Hardwood floors are mainly made up of two finishes that is polyurethane and wax. You can check the floor texture by rubbing your fingers on the floor. Polyurethane or polyacrylic coating is used to seal the floor and if the floor smudges, it indicates that it is waxed.

Waxed floors can’t be cleaned by the water as it can cause damage instead; just sweeping or vacuuming is the best option. Polyurethane floors are suitable to clean with pH-balanced soaps and water as they are water-resistant.

2) Cleaning laminate floors:

Laminate flooring may look similar to the natural stone flooring or hardwood but always be careful while cleaning it, ensure the water doesn’t get underneath the plank. It’s not advised to polish laminate floors and for cleaning, use dry mopping or vacuum to clean it. For spot cleaning, use a slightly damp mop when required

3) Cleaning cork floors:

Because of its porosity nature, it makes it more vulnerable to water damage. Vacuuming is safe to clean the cork floors. Cleaning with vinegar sprays and damp mops is safe to clean the cork floors. Clean the spills and stains immediately to prevent damage.

4) Cleaning bamboo floors:

Bamboo is soft in nature hence it is more prone to scratches, in the case of strand bamboo, it is the most durable with scratch-resistant properties. Cleaning with diluted ph-neutral soap and water is the best way to clean bamboo. Wipe across the entire floor with the damp mop to get rid of access moisture.

5) Cleaning a linoleum floor:

Linoleum is usually made up of linseed oil, resin, limestone, and wooden dust so, it’s more likely to get pigmented because of the presence of natural minerals in it. Dry the floor immediately after cleaning. Mild soap solution and water are safe to clean the floor. Use a microfiber mop or cloth to wipe away moisture.

6) Cleaning natural stone floor:

If stone tiles are unsealed, prefer cleaning them with a dry mop, you can simply mop with hot water and microfiber cloth.

7) Cleaning porcelain tile floors:

For this, it can be safely clean with mild soap and water. Weekly steam cleaning can be best to get rid of bacteria and germs. 

Bottom line:

It’s obvious to get confused when cleaning different types of floors because silly mistakes can lead to permanent stains and damage to the floor.

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