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Every homeowner wants to have a classic appeal to their home. For that, they try various ideas and creativities to turn the place into something decent. While planning for a Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne, people often select light shades.

But the time is quickly changing. Now, darker wood floors are more in demand compare to lighter hues.

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a company that offers floor installation, Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne and all the nearby areas. The company has been expanding for years and now they have started various wooden floor services.

They believe dark wood flooring is in huge demand currently. So if you are a new homeowner or planning to renovate the house, start with dark wood floors. As per the experts, dark wood flooring gives an aesthetic appeal to the home. This is the reason, more and more homeowners are selecting dark wood floors instead of other many choices.

The dark wood floors can give your home a completely fresh look and you can highlight the bolder side of your interior ideas.

Our experts suggest that the most beautiful combination of dark wood floors is dark alpine flooring. There are lots of oak ideas that homeowners can integrate for each of the rooms including the kitchen and bedrooms.

They also suggest that applying dark wood flooring to the living room can enhance the overall appeal. It will give the place a simple yet elegant look so family and friends can enjoy their time sitting there.

However, applying dark wood floors to the living room can not only add essence to the place, but it is a durable choice that will remain robust no matter how much foot traffic the floor will have.

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is all set to share some amazing information about dark wood floors.

Selection of dark wood colour is not that easy as you are making the place heavier than it was earlier. You can give your place a sophisticated look with the inclusion of dark wood floors. However, the selection of dark wood floors could impact other choices. You need to select the wall colour according to the wood floor choices to keep the whole look rhyme with each other.

While selecting wall paint that matches with dark wood flooring, you need to choose light shades to add some contrast to the overall appeal.

What benefits could you expect?

Among lots of benefits that dark wood flooring offers, one of the most common is it adds value to your home. It will add a feeling of quality and increase your living standards. Another reason is that it can give a classy look to the place and you can even add various accessories to give the place a newer look.

Your decision of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne is a worthy one as you need not keep spending on maintenance. For further guidance, contact Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Company today.