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We truly could not be better with how our Floor Polishing in Melbourne ended up; however, we did make some flooring sanding errors along the way. We found out the hard way that there are things you ought to and should not do and, more significantly, there are things you can do to make your flooring sanding experience a lot easier.

As we see some flooring sanding errors repeatedly, we’re sharing our ideas and techniques to make your life much easier and help you prevent the flooring sanding errors we made.

We made the errors so that you do not need to!

  • Not Sanding Enough

There’s no navigating it– sanding your floorings is effort and physically tiring. When you initially begin sanding you’ll nearly quickly see a big distinction in your flooring once you’ve gotten rid of the majority of the varnish and dirt development will appear a lot slower. Mainly, this is down to the floorboards not being flat, which suggests that the flooring sanding maker’s drum will not have the ability to reach all floorboards’ locations in one go.

This implies that you’ll typically be entrusted shadows either at the floorboards’ edges or in the middle of the floorboards (if the floorboards are convex).

  • Utilizing The Wrong Grit Sandpaper

The without a doubt most significant error I see is not utilizing the best grit paper. I truthfully can’t worry enough how crucial it is and you truly will not do yourselves a favour if you begin to sand with paper that’s too great.

What grit you begin with will depend upon what your floorboards resemble. If you have gone for floor polishing and sanding services before and require a refresh you’ll have the ability to begin sanding with finer paper; however, for the most part, you’ll need to start with a lot more coarse paper than you anticipate.

  • Not Sanding Diagonally

We didn’t sand diagonally the first couple of times we sanded our floorings however we performed in our brand-new house, and it’s something we had to advise doing. It makes sanding your floorings quicker as it’ll level your floorboards, making sanding quicker as you will not be entrusted locations of the floorboards that are challenging to reach.

  • Sanding The Edges

Sanding the edges of your space is a total discomfort. It’s backbreaking work as you’ll find yourself hovering over the edging sander for hours on end. The bright side is that you can sand the edges a little less than the primary surface area– in fact, it’s a great concept to do so! You must complete sanding the primary location with 120 grit paper, but we’d advise you stop at 80 grit for the edges. It’ll still be more than smooth sufficient and will conserve you time.

  • Not Changing The Sandpaper Often Enough

Among the most significant flooring sanding errors we made when we sanded our floorings, the first time around was not altering the sandpaper frequently enough. After a day approximately, our flooring sanding error occurred to us. As quickly as we began to alter the paper more regularly, we could sand the floorings far more rapidly.

So avoid the above floor polishing in Melbourne mistakes and make your floor look elegant.