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When it comes to choosing polished concrete floors, it will become completely durable for the polished flooring process. With time, there will be a possibility to lose charm if you will not maintain it properly. Moreover, if it will be located in the high-traffic areas, the floor will get affected easily. If you seek concrete floor polishing services in Melbourne then there is good news that you can maintain the floor easily as they will not require waxing.

If you are thinking about hiring the floor sanders Melbourne Company, at an initial stage you should be careful about a few things before you hire them. And, next, take care of your floor for the better shine and to prolong life. Let me share the good news when you polish the concrete floor, you need to remember certain things to maintain than other types of floors.

A complete guide to preserving polished concrete floor effectively

  • You should seek mopping daily

You should seek to mop every day and you should use a dust mop to remove all the particles and grime. If you found dirt on the surface then it will reside on the floor which can harm the floor charm. The dirt can act as the abrasive to make the floor shine dull. To keep the family health complete, you should use microfiber pads.

  • Make sure wet mopping at least weekly

Use wet mop every week to remove dirt particles from the floor & grout. You should use clean water and hygienic floor cleaner. For the better floor health, we always recommend you to use automatic floor scrubber with the pad. Through this, the job will be done efficiently. Moreover, if you want to clean the residential building, usage of mop and bucket is good if you change the water frequently.

  • Ensure using neutral floor cleaners

If you use water for the weekly cleaning, you need to leave the dirt on the floor for a long time. For thorough cleaning, you should use a cleaner to pull up the particles that can damage the concrete. Never use acidic cleaners as it can eat the pores away from the concrete like bleach, vinegar, and other citrus cleaners.

  • Segment the cleaning process

If you want to avoid the cleaning solution on the floor, you should clean the different sections. Be ready with a system where you move in small home areas. Apply the cleaning solutions to the corner, and move onto the next corner.   

  • It will attract the spills in no time

Removal of stains from the concrete floors would be just impossible. If you found spill on the floor, you should clean the stain immediately. If you won’t find any then the concrete will absorb the stain particles and the surface. A good way to attack stain with the neutral cleaner and the clean water.

Ending up!

Looking for floor polishing experts in Melbourne area? Don’t forget considering the above guidelines & if you found it helpful then share it with people who require the same help. Thank you!