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We all are blessed with the inventions that have been created by science and technologies in the most brilliant manner. These inventions are not just limited to the research labs or space science requirements but also for humans to continue their regular life with the most comfortable using these technologies. Our basic needs start with our house. Therefore, we at Total floor sanding and polishing have come up with advanced services related to your house floors, from Timber Flooring Services to Concrete Floor Polishing in Melbourne wide.

Your house floor is the most important element you need to take care of when maintaining your house. It is good to upgrade the floors once in a while because they lose their charm when they age, and also, they get tired from the friction they feel on the surface due to traffic.

Sometimes it can break if its material is not strong. Keeping all these common household problems in mind, we pride ourselves on bringing you the most efficient floor sanding services. Floor sanding is carried out with advanced technology with a versatile range of choice, which gives a sophisticated final look.

A floor sanding service for wood floor restoration is conducted in a certain process:

Step 1 – Your floor needs to be clear of all the furniture in the area in case of any furniture damage during the floor sanding process. Once the area is all clear, it becomes easier to speed up the work and protect the remaining fittings. Moving the furniture also helps in measuring things accurately.

Step 2 – In this step, wooden boards are repaired completely if necessary. Sometimes wooden boards loosen up; therefore, they require to be fixed. The protruding nails require a careful hand while hammering so that the head of the nail gets low enough and cannot damage the sanding machinery.

Step 3 – The third step could be the harder one because it consumes more time than any other. This is when the entire floor sanding task begins. It requires a lot of precision while dealing with the grain of the wood. A trick to conquering this task is to always start from the corner of the room and make sure the drum sander keeps moving on during the entire time while dealing with the wooden grains.

Step 4 – This step is conducted by sanding the floor with the edger. Handling machinery could be very challenging. It requires side by side motion. It is done with a drum and edger sander that needs to be repeated during the sanding process.

Steps 5 – If there are any existing holes or scratches, they are fixed with latex wood filler.

Step 6 – This is when the overall finishing is done, and space has to be left untouched by any furniture or activity for 24 hours.


This process can only be conducted by a professional, and we have plenty of them in case you are searching to Hire a Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne wide.