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If you want to keep your hardwood floors clean and beautiful, staining may be for you. Timber floor staining services in Melbourne will enhance its beauty as well as character, offering a rich cloud look that can add to any home decor. Staining concrete is becoming more and more common and it is not surprising. This has long been considered the most durable material. The wide range of options for concrete floor stains allows anyone to choose the colour and method that will work for them. Staining is one aspect of the hardwood refining process. In order to stain timber floors effectively, Total Floor Sanding and Polishing company is a leading name for offering staining services.

Staining is usually done not to change the colour of the floor, but to apply their colour. In this regard, staining is useful to restore the colour of the floor, which gradually fades over time. However, light and dark-coloured timber floors will accumulate dings and scratches in equal proportions over time. For example, a light and white timber floor colour tends to show less dust and dirt but shows more smoothly than dark wood. 

What colour to choose for stain timber floors?

Choosing which stain will work best for your timber flooring is a big decision. Keeping in mind the theme of the room is one way to make sure the colour fits. In general, coloured timber makes the room feel warm. Consider the colour scheme of the room and the feeling of your desire to help determine the colour that best fits your flooring. 

What is the condition of the floor?

Before you decide on the colour of the stain, really check your timber flooring. If you notice any stains or itching on the floor, you may want to consider a darker stain, so as to imprint that visual imperfection. However, a lighter stain is easier to maintain because it looks much less if scratches and dents occur.

What is the size of the room?

The size of the room should be taken into consideration when choosing the colour of the stain as timber will make a room look smaller. Dark timber flooring may appeal to you, however, if it is installed in a small room or a room with little or no natural light, it will look darker and smaller. Your room will look dense and gloomy, especially if the walls are also dark. If you intend to sell your home soon, you are better off using a neutral (not too light or dark) colour that will appeal to most people.

DIY or professional?

Finally, it is important to consider timber floor staining services in Melbourne from the help of our professionals. When staining timber floors, it would be good to get an expert. Even small things like applying the coat evenly or being aware of the baseboard can make a difference in the quality of your home.


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