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As the owner of a business or home with Polished Concrete Melbourne flooring, you are likely aware of the importance of keeping the floors looking their best. Not only do polished concrete floors look beautiful and elegant, but they also tend to last longer than other types of flooring.

However, keeping polished concrete floors looking their best is no easy task – that’s where total floor sanding and polishing comes in.

These professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to restore your floors to their original shine, protect them from future stains and wear and tear, and maintain them, so they look good for years to come. Ready to take your floors to the next level? Let Total Floor Sanding and Polishing help you achieve it!

Restoration to address any stains or spills

Polished Concrete Melbourne floors are a luxurious addition to any home, but like all things, they need regular care and maintenance to stay looking their best. That’s why it’s important to have a restoration process in place to address any stains or spills. This step restores the concrete to its original condition and prevents future damage.

Follow a specific protocol for cleaning, drying, and sealing the floor to protect it from dirt and dust accumulation. Regular maintenance will help keep your floors looking beautiful and new for years to come!

Polished Concrete Melbourne

Protection to prevent future stains and additional wear and tear

A well-maintained concrete floor can last for years, providing protection against stains and additional wear and tear.

Follow these simple steps to keep your floor in top shape: Always protect your concrete with a coat of sealant before any repairs are made. Clean and dry the surface immediately after any activity, such as mowing or painting.

Apply a water repellent followed by an oil-based concrete protection coat to prevent future staining and scratches from furniture or shoes. Let it cure for at least 48 hours before using the floor again.

Maintenance to restore the floor’s original shiny finish

Keeping your polished concrete floor looking its best is essential for its long-term durability and beauty. That’s why it’s important to know the phases involved in a proper floor maintenance process. The first step is dry cleaning, which removes any surface dirt, oils and grease that can affect the shiny finish of your new flooring.

Glycol acid polish is then used to restore and brighten the sealer on newly laid concrete floors while removing any colouration caused by traffic or other incompatible substances such as paint fumes or pet dander.

If required, a final coat of clear gloss polyurethane can be applied for maximum protection against scratches, scuffs and fading. Keeping your floor clean and polished is a regular maintenance task that will help keep it looking great for years to come.

Hire Total Floor Sanding and Polishing

Polishing concrete floors is a task that requires a lot of careful planning and execution. That’s where Total Floor Sanding and Polishing comes in – we’re experts at completing the process quickly and efficiently.

From prepping the surface to finishing up with a final polish, we take care of everything. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding anything Polished Concrete Melbourne and to see how we can help you achieve the perfect shine for your concrete floor.