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No wonder floors play a notable role as a part of your home interior. There could be many types of floors available in the market, varying in different design, texture, look, and style. But out of all, Timber floors still remain a popular choice between locals.

One of the reasons could be that Timber Floor Buffing and Cleaning in Melbourne is easier than you think. Also, it looks even more classy because of its texture, durability, style, and polish. Timber floors add the most sophisticated look to your entire space, and we at Total floor sanding and polishing aim to provide you with the best services from installation to maintenance, all about floors.

Timber floors take less maintenance because of its keen polishing; it avoids dust and dirt on a greater level than other flooring types like tiles and concrete. But when you are considering durability, then you need to remember, not all types of timber floors are tough in nature.

You can get many types of timber in the market, but if you stick to an inexpensive price range, then chances are you will miss out on the tougher and durable options.

Timber floors that are tough in nature are created from boards of strong timber. They can also be referred to as Hardwood or Hardwood floors. The timber also provides you with the feature of absorption.

They are good at absorbing wetness. In such cases, stronger timber tiles do not make for an appropriate utilisation for your home that is wet; else, it might create deformation in your flooring.

There is one more type of timber flooring. That is created out of the sheet of certain plywood attached with a thin surface of tough timber on its peak. If we talk about Engineered flooring, which is tough is like the half-solid form of flooring.

The only difference is that each second sheet of the chosen plywood is reversed.  This reversal supports avoiding warping. They usually have a good long life because they can survive for a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 50 years and are not affected by dampness.

Another type of timber flooring is Laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a certain type in which a timber photograph is preserved. The preservation is done between a synthetic sheet. This type is good at avoiding any kind of scratch that might ruin your floor look.


With Total floor sanding and polishing, you will get the best service of Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne with a variety of timber flooring options to choose from. We are the best at providing you with a perfect evaluation and quotation before you make your final choice. Always remember, never compromise when it comes to make your home a beautiful place to be in. Choose what is best for your space but in style and quality.