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If you love to decorate your home and have a taste of an artist then you must have thought about refurbishing the floor of your home many times, then the Timber Floor Installation is a great solution for your flooring needs. Whether it is your home or your office in Melbourne, you can always call the service provider to provide you with the best wooden flooring that suits the rooms as well as your taste.

What are the different types of Timber Floor Installation?

Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne can be of many different types. You can have any of the following types installed in your home in Melbourne for creating an aesthetic appeal:

  • Bamboo floor
  • Solid hardwood floor
  • Laminate floating floor
  • Engineered floor
  • Parquetry floor

All these types mentioned above can be installed in your home as well as any of the commercial areas you need them. Various advanced tools and techniques are used by the installers to install these flooring. Some use glue or hidden nails to fix the floors, while some others use the interlocking system for installing the floors. This is done according the need of the flooring.

What are the advantages of Floor Installation?

Timber Floor Installation comes with a number of advantages. Here follows some of the advantages of timber flooring done to your home:

  • The first and foremost benefit that the timber flooring provides is the elegant appearance of the floor. It gives the floor a rustic as well as an aesthetic look that cannot be ignored. It will definitely enhance the beauty of the floor as well as the house. People coming to your place in Melbourne will surely compliment you for the pleasing appearance that you have given to the floor of your home.
  • Behind this elegance lies another factor that adds to the benefit of the timber flooring. Timber flooring is one of the most durable flooring. That means once you install them, you can relax without worry for at least ten to twelve years.
  • Another benefit of using timber flooring is that this type of flooring is water-resistant. That means even if you spill water or any other liquid on the floor, it won’t get damaged.
  • If you have carpets in your home, you must be aware of the problems of maintaining them. But, if you install timber flooring in your home, those troubles of maintenance won’t be there anymore. There won’t be any allergies or germs that can breed on the timber floor unlike the carpets you use.
  • The price of timber flooring is lesser than the other materials used for flooring. Therefore, you are going to save a lot by installing it and at the same time get an elegant finish.


In the long run, even if you plan to sell off your home in Melbourne, the value of the house will rise due to the elegant finish that you have given to the floor. The value of timber floor installation is always on the rise.

Therefore, the home where you have done timber flooring will also increase with time. Timber floors are good insulators. Therefore, in the colder countries like Melbourne, timber flooring will help to keep the room warm for longer times.