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Timber floors are a bit of a luxury to the house. Everyone wants this aesthetic flooring of the house to be unique and have their touch. This could be possible because of the timber floor staining services in Melbourne

Anyone is considering having the timber floor then this service would help them to get the perfect and the most suitable stain. Even when deciding to recolour this service is worth leveraging. When recolouring do consider residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne. This could enhance the overall impact of recolouring the house. 

Let us dive in and figure out what kind of stains are available and trending. 

  • Darker stains 

Timber floor colour and traffic go hand in hand. Timber floors need good care as they are vulnerable to getting discolouration. The areas with high traffic seem to get discoloured than the areas with low traffic. Keeping this in mind one can choose darker or cooler staining for the floor.

Some of the most trending darker stains these days are.

  • Jacobian
  • Duraseal
  • Ebony
  • Dark walnut
  • Royal mahogany
  • Brown stained oak 
  • Lighter stains

Light colours have a soothing impact on the mood. It keeps the house enthusiastic and bright. Apart from it, lighter tones are easy to blend with the interior. It is recommendable, especially when the house has low traffic as it reduces the possibility of discolouration due to traffic.

Some of the lighter times that are trending these days are 

  • Pickled oak
  • Golden oak
  • Ipswich pine 
  • Mid toned stains

Mid tones work well with the house interior. It gives a traditional and old-school touch to the house. They are largely preferred because of their traditional feel with a classy touch. They have a moderate effect with heavy traffic. They are capable of covering medium amounts of wear and tear.

The most popular mid-toned stains are 

  • Walnut
  • Chestnut
  • Provincial
  • Grey stains

These tones are achieved by a mixture of different light and dark stains. They are mixed in different proportions to get you a perfect grey. Greys are the new favourites. They give a minimal and sleek look to the house. They make the house look modern and up-to-date. 

Get your perfect grey by asking for different blends from the popular and trending dark and light stains.

  • Red toned stains

Red stains are a bit hard to blend in with the interior and the furniture despite having great popularity. They give a different yet good look to the whole property. They give an aesthetic and sharp look. 

Here are red-toned stains that are pretty much trending

  • Sedona red
  • Golden pecan
  • Red mahogany
  • Red oak
  • English chestnut

Bottom line!

Despite whatever is trending, one has to think of varied criteria before finding that perfect fitted stained floor for the house.

Look at the interior theme, doors, windows, traffic, needs, favourites, family considerations, furniture, and whatnot for considerations.

When recolouring too, there are a lot of criteria that one has to go through when choosing a stain apart from residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne. Just sit back, relax, make a list and go with the trending stain that is best for you.