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It’s quite exciting that you are shifting to a new place or simply renovating your own house the most important thing you choose is the type of flooring. Timber floors give the best finish and it’s quite easy to maintain it after the floor polishing Melbourne.


So here are some tips that will help you in extending the life of your timber floors:

  • Protective Pads: It should be applied to all over the flooring. This act as defensive felt cushions ought to be connected to all furniture legs giving careful consideration to dining area- This is aplace where the furniture ismoved the most every now and again and can rapidly cause harm.
  • Use entrance pads: Entrance pads should be used to keep your floor away from the dirt and foreign materials which will spoil your floor polishing.
  • Clean it regularly: Clean your timber floors regularly with avacuum rather than sweeping it because the minute dirt particles will scratch your whole floor when swept.
  • Damage done by dog claws: Dog claws can damage your floor it’s better to clip your dog’s claws.
  • Floor Ventilation:In the event that your home sits on bolsters and is near the open earth, or has an encased territory where dampness is continually present, this guarantees that there is enough ventilation to help with holding a dry under floor condition as timber floors will retain dampness from underneath causing the inverse issue of the impacts of direct daylight. Engrossing the dampness from underneath will make them swell and seem raised to finish everything. In the event that this occurs, it will reassemble itself after some time if the ventilation and dampness issue is settled.
  • Cleaning products: some of the chemicals can harm your floors and also affects the life of your toddlers and pets so always take eco-friendly products to maintain the life of your floors.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: As the direct sunlight fades the shine of your floors and can dry out the moisture. You can use curtains blinds or smoked glass to avoid the direct sunlight.

Adding things up:

It’s better to follow the above tips to avoid now and then Timber floor polishing Melbourne. This tips can help increase the life of timber floors. Also when your floors are perfectly polished. There are some skilled professionals to give the perfect finish of timber floors and are termed as the Expert Floor polishing Melbourne services.