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Timber Flooring is a lifetime investment, because it is like one time, until and unless you don’t require the timber floor repairs Melbourne service!!! Now, the timber floor requires only minimal maintenance to ensure maximum longevity and enjoyment. Here are some essential tips to help you maintain a beautiful floor.

Ummmm… You have selected your new timber boards – soon, and your house will be transformed. Like many people, you may have opted for the timber floor sanding expert in Melbourne professional installation of your flooring to ensure the best possible results.

Now, timber is the best wood with the finishes that can also change the colour slightly. Wood finishes can also change colour slightly depending on the finish and the amount of light to which the wood is attached.

So, If you’re looking to improve your house flooring with the different touch of the style, you can choose the elegant floor that can easily install in your home.

With this in mind,   with the genuine care and maintenance is needed, especially during the extremes of summer and winter, to preserve the good appearance of your timber floors.

Here Are Some Steps To Care And Clean The Timber Floor


  • Sweep the floor correctly as well as frequently.
  • Use a microfiber mop floor.
  • Use a vacuum accent that may not scratch or injury your wooden flooring.
  • Use something to hide the hardwood floors from direct daylight. Wetness and humidity throughout the summer can injury your wood floor and also the longer you’ll keep the sun out, the better.
  • There’s nothing worse than transferal all the sand from the beach that scratches and damages your picket floor over time. Say no to the sand and have the youngsters take away the straps.
  • You can hire the professional service of timber floor repairs in Melbourne if you can’t do by own.


  • Don’t use bleach, ammonia, beverages or any aggressive chemicals on your floor: aggressive chemicals will degrade the coating and leave the wood unprotected.
  • Don’t use a steam mop: steam mops place excess wetness on your wood and may cause unnatural movements.
  • Don’t use waxes.
  • Keep one’s eyes off from vinegar and water mixtures, as they may harm your floors. Use water to wash up any spills; but, take care once tilting the water directly on the surface of the wood, use an artifact or mop to wash up any mess.

Tips For The General Maintenance Of Timber Flooring

  • Place protective felt pads for furniture on the bottom of all heavy furniture.
  • Always be careful when moving furniture, Never drag furniture, be especially careful with refrigerators and other heavy items.
  • Leave the floor mats under the swivel and swivel chairs, that is, the bar and office chairs.
  • Felt pads at the bottom of table chairs are essential to reduce scratching of constant movements.
  • Placemats on the front and back doors to minimize dirt, mud and moisture.

Final Thought,

You can enjoy the glory of your floor in the upcoming season. So for the best tips, you can check the timber floor sanding and polishing company like us. Timber can have a big impact on the style of you with natural beauty and extraordinary features.