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To have the final finish perfect, one has to Hire a Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne to get the sanding done. Floor sanding is one of the important aspects when the flooring is concerned. Even when recoloring or refinishing sanding the floor has a good impact on the overall finish of the floor. 

Flooring services have a lot to offer you from Timber Flooring Services and Concrete Floor Polishing in Melbourne, etc. These services have their benefits. They enhance the texture and finish of the flooring and this is the goal, right?

There is a lot to be finalized to get what exactly you thought of or want. Wood type, stains, texture, polishing, and more.

Here is a blog to help you with the texture and floor finish that are trending these days and could help you to get the desired flooring.

Keep reading to know more about the trending textures and finishing.


  • Distressed

This word has been incorporated into the lives of people and is trending in a different aspect.

These textures are designed to keep in mind the longevity. They are already having the effect of being aged with heavy traffic, wear and tear, scratches, burned scars, and more.

So any of these further won’t affect the flooring effect. They give a modern and versatile look to the house.

Once you get the texture you do not have to worry about kids damaging the flooring or pet peeing as it would not have any impact on the overall look of the texture. 

  • Handscraped

These are one of the most popular and loved textures among all. They have a touch of being antiques, give a very rich and elegant look to the whole room.

People who love these textures say that it completes the rooms. Which is much of a compliment.

They go through a process called scraping to give the genuine scraping texture. These textures can take away your fear of accidental scratches to the floorings. 

  • Beveled

Modern by the mind but still traditional by heart then this is the texture one would love to choose.

It has a sleek but traditional overall impact. This texture fills the room up. Further, the choice is still the house owner who has different criteria in mind for choosing the texture.

Floor Finish 

  • Matte finish

This is the finish for you if you are a matte lover! Matte is like everywhere, phone, cars, lipsticks, paints, and more than why not floor finish? Further, no, the finish does not make the floor look dull and lifeless.  

  • Satin finish

 That smooth touch of the floor to the bare feet feels easing? Then the satin finish is what you would want. It is the perfect blend of shiny and matte. It just looks gorgeous.

  • Smokey finish

This finish is also called fumed finish. It gives a smoky effect to the rooms. It is a darker finish to make the Smokey effect to the wood. 

  • Oiled wood finish

Apart from creating a natural vibe around the room the oil also contributes to the increasing strength of the wood. Traditional, natural, old is what you’re looking for, then oiled wood is the finish to consider.


Choose any of these texture and floor finishes and you are good to go with the trend and yes do not forget to get this done by a good Timber Flooring Services provider.