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Hardwood is the most famous flooring choice around the world. In case you are also planning to hire a leading flooring contractor, there are a few factors you must know about hardwood first.

What are these factors, and how can you use them to pick the right kind of wooden for your home or office? Find it out, right below! 

Not every wooden plank looks the same

The authentic hardwood is unique. Just like fingerprints & retinas of the eyes, no two hardwoods are the same. That’s because wood extracts from trees and has different identities.

The planks can be different in colours, mass, grain and textures as well. 

Enhances Air Quality

Most people are aware of the aesthetic values of the hardwood. Butt, do you know the health benefits of it? Wooden floors enhance your indoor air quality and make your entire family healthy.

This is the best way to eliminate allergens and take control of outdoor pollution. Hardwood purifies the indoor air and makes it the best place for you and your family. Hardwood doesn’t have any fibres or threads like carpets.

Therefore, these can’t trap animal dander, pollen, dust mites, etc. Hence, you can switch to wooden flooring to prevent allergic reactions and various other problems.           

Besides, wood is derived from trees that take in carbon dioxide and take out oxygen.

Therefore, they store carbon during their entire life span. This makes the wood carbon neutral substance that enhances indoor air quality.  

Choose different colours

Hardwood flooring has various colour options. Once the Floor Sanding and Polishing Agency Melbourne has done sanding, you can pick the desired colour of the floor along with the texture.

This process will include cracks, dents, and other cosmetic issues. This is the convenient choice for homeowners bored with a specific colour and needs a little change. 

A variety of Hardness in Hardwood 

This is no paradoxical. Different hardwoods have different hardness levels which refer to their capacity to bear dents and scratches. Some of the thickest existing hardwoods are Brazilian Koa, Brazilian cherry,cumaru, mahogany, and mesquite, which is followed by red oak, white ash, and cherry.

This is extremely beneficial because you can pick your hardwood depending on your choice.

For say, if you have kids or toddlers at your home that can cause scratches with toys, it’s the right option for choosing the hardest wood. You can refinish or manage minor scrapes or dents with the help of experts.            

Enhances audio Sound Quality

Wooden flooring changes the sound in a room. The hard material of the wood reflects sound, whereas carpets absorb it. If you area music lover, you can see the sound quality changes in a room having hardwood installed on the floor. For soft music lovers such as acoustic guitar sounds, hardwood is a blessing.

Now that you have explored every fact, it’s time to get in touch with the leading Flooring Contactor who will enhance your home. So don’t wait for a minute. Get in touch with experts right now!