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There are lot of buzz around the world when it comes to choosing the right Flooring Contactor in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is the best company that serve people for many years with floor sanding and polishing services.

We are well-known Floor Sanding and Polishing Agency Melbourne that help the residents with floor sanding and polishing services whenever they require.

In this guide, we are going to have a detailed discussion about Floor Repairs Melbourne and how it helps your timber floor.

What Are Different Types of Flooring?

Flooring always plays an important role in your home aesthetic, but when it comes to select the best floor to suit the style, the whole process will become so much stress. However, there are many flooring choices that you need to consider when decided. The procedure includes the whole style that you want to achieve, maintenance, and durability.

Here are a few things you need to consider:

  •   Select polished concrete

These days, polished concrete floors are in high demand as they are long-lasting and can handle high foot traffic. They are durable in character and also, not free from the cracks and also can cause a problem with high temperature. This is so much important thing you need to consider when you build a new home anywhere in the world.

  •   Tile selection

Tiles are known for the variety of colours and patterns. They are still resistant to stains but they are also not slip-resistant. You need to buy a few tiles to match with the existing tiles’ shades in case of cracks.

  •   Linoleum floors

Linoleum floors are known for resilient cushion-like effects. They are made up of natural ingredients and thus, they are an eco-friendly option. Also, they are not resistant to denting and scratching, so you need to choose the right type of floor wisely.

  •   Engineered timber floors

Engineered timber flooring is easily maintained, durable, and resistant. Also, it would become difficult to sand timber floors often as solid material. In case if you have thin solid wood, it will become less durable compared to any other sort of material.

  •   Carpet floor

When you select carpet flooring, it will offer you a sense of comfort and luxury. The floor is resistant to sound but it doesn’t to dust and stain. Usually, carpets require enough maintenance and they are tough to keep in good condition with the years of time.

  •   Bamboo timber flooring

Bamboo flooring is also considered as contemporary hardwood flooring that offers enough shades. However, they are more susceptible compare to scratches and dents. Hence, the selection of bamboo timber flooring is essential if it meets all your necessary needs. 

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