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Thinking of DIY wooden floor repairs in Melbourne? It’s important that either you are professional or have done it before because one wrong step can ruin your floor and you might need to hire experts for complete floor replacement.

This blog will guide you to repair and maintain your wooden floor step-by-step.

So keep your tools ready and let’s get started!   

  1. Wooden Floor Repairing

For minor issues such as scratches, hand-sanding and steel wool is a useful tool, but you have to be a bit careful while doing so. Just keep your sanding restricted to the area where there are scratches and feather out a bit onto the surrounding areas as well. Sanding and buffing on other areas might leave some stubborn stains and scratches behind.

Some small dents can be repaired by simply placing a small water drop on it and waiting for the wood to swell back. But, be careful while doing this because too much water will warp your floor and lead to more damages. You can use a thick hot cloth or heat gun with this process for better results. In case you have an engineered floor, using engineered wood repair kit is the right choice.

When it comes to big stains, sanding and sometimes bleaching is required. The big stains are generally water marks. If the stain isn’t vanishing even after bleaching, it’s time to consult commercial floor polishing Melbourne.

If the problems such as dents, stains, scratches, etc., it’s suggested to leave everything on professionals before things get out of hands and you end up spending a large amount on floor repairing.              

  1. How to Replace the Floor?

Areas that are rotten or damaged need to be taken out and replace with the new wood. Prying the damaged section and gluing the new wood or simply nailing the replacement is as easy as it sounds. Fill the cracks, sand the surface, and refinish to match the rest of the wooden of subflooring.

For engineered flooring, repairing is easier than that of the hardwood. The engineered floor is made of a plywood base with a thin hardwood layer on the top. This is an economical option for those who don’t want to spend much but want their floor to be stylish.   

  1. Some Tips for Timber Floor Sanding

The floor sanding and polishing must be performed carefully. Engineered floors are thin and too much sanding can damage their surface. It is important to perform on the entire floor carefully and change the texture evenly. However, this entire task can be tricky if you are not aware of the entire process or doing it for the first time. And, that’s why consulting the professionals is always the right choice.   

In a Nutshell

When there’s a demand for floor repairing, it’s crucial that you either hire the professional floor polishing services or have an experience of the entire repairing and polishing process.

So why not begin your floor repairing today with a renowned floor repair expert?