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Do you know that stained timber floors can add a beautiful look to your décor? It might be weird for some people because the majority of us always try to prevent stains and spills on the timber floors but staining looks odd if it’s only on the one spot but if staining is done on the entire flooring, it can be used to create the stunning design.

It’s advised not to experiment with the staining floor designs by DIY or else you may ruin the floor look if it’s not done properly. Take the help of expert Timber floor staining services in Melbourne.

There are many various types of artificial and natural hardwood floorings available that can be used with other flooring combinations for an extraordinary look. Staining and polishing are used by the majority of commercial and residential customers to make the floor moisture-resistant and prevent termites’ growth over time.

Below are some amazing benefits of timber staining?

1)      Increases the look of the flooring.

Staining and polishing can transform the timber floor’s overall appearance by giving the best colour contrast to the floor. You can try with different shades and hues. Always use the best quality products for staining and polishing to preserve the effect for a longer time.

2)      Prevents wood-rotting:

As wooden is vulnerable to moisture damage, it may get rotten if not maintained properly.  The weather condition and your maintenance practice affect the wood flooring’s durability and performance. So, to protect the wood from moisture, it’s necessary to strain it well.

3)      Makes floor moisture resistance and long-lasting:

Timber woods are prone to absorb the moisture in them hence it damages the wood and degraded its quality. By suitable staining, moisture damage can be prevented. Staining creates a layer on the wood and hence makes it resistant to moisture by increasing its overall life.  

4)      Helps in reducing maintenance cost:

Wood can be a costly natural material if not maintained properly hence, it’s necessary to get wooden flooring sanded and polished from time to time and whenever required or else you will end up spending more expenses on the flooring services.

5)      Offers better grip when walking:

As moisture is the enemy of the timber, it can cause swelling or shrinking if it is affected by the moisture. Hence staining properly provides a better grip on the floor and prevents mold growth.


Hope you found the above information useful; staining can create a major impact on the flooring when done beautifully and professionally. As timber usually comes in its natural shade, it can be made into any shades and colour according to flooring preference by sanding, staining, and polishing process.

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