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Do you want the Best Floor sanding Geelong for your home? To achieve the best floor sanding and polishing, there are a few steps that you should follow to make your home ready for the process. 

Read below to know how to make your home ready for floor sanding.

Remove Heavy Furniture 

First and foremost, you need to remove everything from the floor, including furniture. There must be enough space for you or the professionals to work on the flooring and cover each area comfortably. Not every floor sanding team will remove the furniture for you. So keep your home ready for it by removing it yourself.

You must also remove any kind of plush toys or fabric so that dust that occurred during the sanding process doesn’t damage them. In case it’s not possible to remove fabric from the area, protect it with polythene sheets and make sure there is no escape from the dust.

Fill Wood Gaps 

Wood is a natural item, and it can expand and shrink as the temperature and moisture change. So if you can already see some gaps in your wooden flooring, it’s crucial to fill them during the sanding process. By filling the flooring gaps, you can also enhance the insulation, so you can cut a huge cost in your utility cost.    

Cold air under the planks can create a huge issue; hence, it’s crucial to address this problem in specific areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. It will also protect your flooring from severe damages. 

The experts of Floor Polishing Melbourne might use different methods to deal with this issue. For small cracks, up to 4 to 6 mm, they could use a resin-based mixture to fill the floorboards and sand. For large gaps, a wood splinter can be the best choice. Besides, they must know what and how to do for handling large gaps. 

Their major goal must be to provide you with a flat, even, and smooth surface that remains the same for years. Any gap that remains unaddressed can hold dirt and dust, which could make your surface dirty. 

Noise & Dust 

Floor sanding and polishing can be a noisy and dusty affair. Give your neighbors an early warning so that they remain to prepare on the day you will sand your floor. The professionals might work after hours in the residential areas. If you have taken a permit for the work, things can go easier, and your neighbors will not make any fuss out of it. 

Besides, professionals might acquire some less noise-making machinery that will not disturb your neighbors. So you need to ask the team about it so that you can stay prepared for the day and notify your neighbors about it as well. 

Make sure you perform the above tasks before even going for floor sanding or hiring Commercial floor cleaning services, which offer sanding services as well. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Hire the experts because floor sanding is no joke, and even a small issue can lead to big disasters & expenses.