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You can create a crisp, stylish, and modern look with professional Melbourne timber floor sanding. It enhances the value of your home and even out the surfaces to retain scratches and other imperfections.

There are abundant timber floor finishing available at ‘Total Floor Sanding And Polishing.’ We have listed the top three out of them.

Let’s explore!     

What Exactly is Floor Finish?

Before you get to know the three floors finishing, it’s crucial to figure out what is floor finish first. The floor finish process begins with professional sanders and polishers sanding your floor to reveal a nice and smooth surface. The process primes the surface that includes stains to give the wood finish you always wanted. After that, timber floor polish is applied, which protects the floor from moisture, insects, and future wear by creating a coating between the floorboard and dust & dirt. 

It’s a vital part of the floor sanding and polishing process. Satin, matte, and gloss are the three basic yet famous floor finishing.      

  1. Matte Finish

The matte finish is the most famous wooden floor polish finish, especially if you have pets or kids, but it includes a hard process. A matte finish can hide built up, dirt, and light scratches, improving the overall wooden floor.

A matte surface will not reflect much light and that makes it suitable for people who like gentle tone and subtle feel.     

  1. Satin Finish

If you want a neutral type of finish for your commercial floor polishing Geelong, which is adaptable to fit with a number of styles and decors, satin finish is the one. It is a combination of both modern and timeless traditional look and feel. However, unlike matte, it has a bit glossy finish but requires less maintenance over time. Depending on the stain colour, it’s easy to maintain and clean the surface.

In simple words, it’s a versatile timber surface that will keep well your wooden floor for years.        

  1. Lastly, the Gloss Finish

Gloss or semi-gloss is also famous for timber floorboard polishing. As the name suggests, it gives that glass-like glossy finish to your wooden floor creating a modern and stylish look. Its shiny finish is the reason why it’s widely used in offices and homes.

However, you need to maintain a gloss floor and have to be extra careful with the scratches and stain. Also, it shows dirt and stains more clearly than satin and matte.

The gleaming floor looks astonishing when perfect lights are installed in the room. But, one has to be careful while walking on a gloss finish as it is a bit slippery, especially when it’s wet.

Final thoughts…

So, which one did you like the most? No matter which one you choose for your floor, Total Floor Sanding And polishing provides outstanding polishing service. You can even hire them for Concrete polishing Services, too.

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