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A remarkable aspect regarding wood floors in Australia is that they can be sanded down and restored like new once more. You could enlist a Floor Sanding Melbourne expert to do this for you on the off chance that you wish, however in all actuality there is nothing in this world that stops you doing any task. Sanding a floor just takes a little tolerance and following a particular strategy to get the outcomes that you need.


  • Utilise The Drum Type Of Sander

You actually could sand everything around hand on the off chance that you needed to, however why okay? The most flawlessly effective approach is to utilise a sanding machine that can be discovered effortlessly at apparatus rental spots or repairperson shops in Melbourne. The master’s suggestion is to go for the drum sort of sander, as this would more often than not deliver the best outcomes.

  • A Small Power Sander Gets The Corners

The drum sander then again is intended to sand in a straight line so you can work with the grain of the wood boards that make up your floor. The main thing that the drum sander can’t finish is to draw near to the walls edge or around snags like a radiator. It can just get two or three inches or so in light of its plan. So you will either need to hand sand these zones, or you can utilise one of the little power sanders to get in tight in these limited ranges.

  • Begin With The Heavier Grains First

Since you had your sander machine all set and prepared to go, ensure that you start utilising a course or medium grain sandpaper to kick it into high gear. The reason for this initial pass is to get however much of the old complete off the floor as could reasonably be expected at one time. The way that floor sanding Melbourne experts works are you begin with the heavier grains first and after that with each pass utilise a better grain sandpaper to leave a smooth complete toward the end that is prepared to be secured.

Before you start floor sanding Melbourne Process, circumvent the room and search for any nail heads that have flown up or anything on the floor that should be evacuated before the sanding starts. You would prefer not to tear up your sandpaper on these sorts of snags. So ensure that all nails are flush with the surface of the floor before you begin.


In this article, you discovered that DIY Floor Sanding Melbourne Process just takes a little persistence and it’s prescribed to use the drum sort of sander. You likewise took in a small power sander will enable you to draw near to dividers and edges and begin with a heavier grain and with each pass utilise a better grain. So call Total Floor Sanding and Polishing specialists before its past the point where it is possible to get legal DIY information.