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Timber floors are now in full demand and every year more & more number of homeowners invest money on timber floors rather than any other material. That’s cool but to keep the floor shine & sparkle for the longest time is also more important. It is better to keep it clean & tidy than seeking Residential floor repairs company in Melbourne after one or two years of floor installation.

Generally, timber differs in hardness, coating, finishes, and colours which means there are various methods to maintain and keep the floor clean. Once you keep the timber floor clean, you will never need to contact timber floor buffing and cleaning services in Melbourne at least for 5 to 6 years. So, ready to take a ride? Come on!

  • Never mop a dirty & messy floor, I repeat NEVER

People always make mistakes of saving money by mopping in a straight way without cleaning the timber floor. For putting this into the action, you need to include moisture plus dirt. Thus, the entire time you are working on the dirty floor, which means you are spreading the muddy water. Also, solid debris gets stuck on the mop and scratch.  

  • Ensure cleaning the floor thoroughly

Wooden floors are not clothes and there is no any specific benefits to dry out the timber floor. Generally, water is an enemy of wood and if there is more amount of water then it can cause wood to shrink, crack, or swell. This is the reason you should seek wood floor buffing service to dry the wooden floor and keep it safe from getting rotted.  

  • Make sure to keep the floor clean

It is an easy way to ensure you are not mopping any dry floor is through keeping the place clean & neat. To keep the dirt away from the floor, you should use mats at doors and consider a rug when there is high traffic in your area. Also, you can strictly make a rule to keep shoes outside of the house for the family and friends.

  • Avoid direct sunlight to the floor

Moisture is the main enemy but apart from it, direct sunlight can also harm the wooden floor. UV rays that come from sunlight can cause discolouration and fading. Through this, you would love seeing the sunlight reflection off the hardwood floors. Thus you should keep it up or else your floor will start losing lustre sooner or later.

Sum up!

What would you choose? Keeping the floor clean using above-given tips or seek commercial floor cleaning services and investing money? That’s acceptable that after few years floor will lose the charm but we should try to keep it clean so that it prolongs the floor life. Agree or not? We ate Total Floor Sanding And Polishing cleaners handle many floors with different materials and we always suggest our customers these blog tips to keep it straight & natural.