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There may be no other option when it comes to polished concrete floors. Concrete floor polishing, unlike other types of flooring, does not require much equipment and can be completed quickly.

Furthermore, the cost of maintaining a polished concrete floor is almost non-existent. This is surely the reason why Floor Polishing in Melbourne is now a must-have in every home and the most popular alternative available.

Concrete floor polishing is one of the most popular solutions in today’s homes and businesses, as it appears to save a significant amount of money. The truth is that having concrete flooring is the finest method to contribute to the environment because concrete is created without harming any living organisms. Additionally, this material can be recycled, making it an extremely versatile material.

There are a few things to bear in mind when deciding which sort of industrial Concrete floor polishing to utilise for your company’s flooring:

  1. Is it necessary to shut down your business in order to install the flooring?
  2. Is it important to have a special coating to meet the criteria of your industry?
  3. Is it necessary to select flooring solely on the basis of appearance?
  4. Is it necessary to select a floor coating based on industry specifications?
  5. Is your process in need of a system that can withstand thermal cycling from hot and cold water washdowns?
  6. Is it necessary to have non-slip surfaces on the floors?

The longevity of your floor depends upon the coating you use, keep on reading the blog to know about essential tips for selecting the best coating!

  1. Examine the present flooring’s surface condition. It’s critical that whoever inspects the concrete takes note of any unevenness, cracking, or damage that could prevent the coating from sticking properly. If any of these concerns arise, the further effort may be required to complete the project.
  2. Some industries, as previously said, have special needs to meet. Specific concrete floor coatings and compositions can be utilised if the floors must endure strong impact, significant traffic – whether by foot or machines, if certain chemicals will be used, or if extreme temperatures are typical.
  3. If aesthetics are important to you, spend some time looking into your possibilities. Different colours, mixes, floor markings, embedded logos, and other features can be included in concrete floor coatings.

The following are some of the most often used industrial concrete floor coatings:

  1. Stains, UV fading, chemicals, and abrasion resistance are all features of urethane coatings.
  2. Resurfaces deteriorating concrete with epoxy resurfaces
  3. ESD Protection – Designed to prevent static discharge.
  4. Designed primarily for food processing facilities, food industry flooring
  5. System for Quick Curing – Can’t afford to go offline for an extended period? Don’t be concerned! This coating is ideal for your requirements.
  6. Polishing and dyeing – Just because something has to be practical doesn’t mean it can’t also be beautiful.


The importance of industrial concrete flooring in the workplace cannot be overstated. Make sure you choose properly and only work with a reputable provider to install it. Hire total floor sanding and polishing for the guaranteed work, treat your precious floors with the premium floor polishing and sanding services, call us today!