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A wooden floor is notable for being durable and tough, long stretches of utilization can make harm its surface. From the utilization of unforgiving floor cleaners, high obeyed shoes, introduction to dampness, and different elements; the completion can debase after some time, looking shady or scratched if not looked after appropriately. Furthermore, keeping in mind that floor finish can give a shiny sheen to floors whenever applied if there are deep gouges in the wood and the scratches are too much, you may need to consider restoring your floors. This involves a procedure of Floor Sanding and Polishing In Geelong, which will do ponders in reviving tired floors.

  • How Would You Prep A Story for Sanding and Polishing?

So, what do you have to plan for floor sanding and polishing? In the event that you are as of now occupying the space that necessities remerging, expel all items and furniture from the space to give contractual workers enough space to work without obstruction. This incorporates staples and tacks. Guarantee that the space is unfilled and that your temporary worker will have continuous access to water and power, as this is required for floor sanding.

In the event that you cannot totally exhaust the region, spread any residual articles with fabric so as to prepare for dust that will originate from sanding. What is more, remember to guarantee that there is sufficient lighting for temporary workers to have the option to work in the room. As sanding produces a great deal of residue, it would do well to cover vents, windows, and so forth to keep dust from getting into these. 

  • What Is the Procedure?

Sanding involves first punching all the nails down underneath the wood plank surface. This is to guarantee an unhindered sanding process. Begin with coarse evaluation sandpaper, and a story sander will be utilized to sand back existing floor completes covers, stains, and stain. Proceed onward to mid-range grade sandpaper to additionally buff away earlier covers, and a particular apparatus called an edge floor sander would be utilized for hard to arrive at edges that the primary floor sander cannot get to.

At long last, fine evaluation sandpaper is utilized to finely smooth the wooden surface, and buff away overabundance floor filler. Whenever you are another stain for wooden floors, this is the point at which this will be applied!

When this sanding is finished, at that point comes the polishing. Utilizing a base coat that will seal the lumber, your wooden ground surface ought to be permitted to dry for the time being for best outcomes.

Each coat takes about a day or two to dry on the off chance that you are utilizing dissolvable based arrangements, though waterborne polyurethane is fast drying inside 8 hours, and you ought to be taking a gander in any event 3-4 coats applied.


With the above procedure, you can deal with sanding and polishing task with no difficulty. In any case, in the event that you need proficient touch, at that point you can get in touch with one of the main Commercial Timber Floor Repairs Company In Melbourne that is Total Floor Sanding and polishing, we are satisfied to support you.