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Who doesn’t love their flooring? Almost everyone wants their floors to remain in good condition for many more years and has the same shine and charm. If you have a plan to Hire a Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne to fix your flooring, replace it, or install new flooring, you must be worried about the time the whole procedure could take.

So in this case, if you are planning for Concrete Floor Polishing in Melbourne or any other, how much time it will take to sand a floor.

Evaluating the exact time for floor sanding and polishing is quite difficult because it will depend upon various factors. But still, Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a company that provides Timber Flooring Services without affecting your budget. So, in this guide, we are going to share a few ideas that will actually help you determine the exact time duration the floor sanding procedure could take in your case.

Let’s talk straight about the answer.

It could take around 1 to 5 days for a professional floor sanding company for floor sanding. And, it could take around 2 to 15 days for a DIY expert to do the same depending upon the floor size and condition.

For home planning, it could take around 1 to 2 days per room for any professional company and 2 days or more for a homeowner who prefers to do it on their own.

The procedure of floor sanding is not as smooth as it seems. There are many factors that may affect the time it could take to complete the job.

A few of them are defined in this guide.

  1.     Effective finishes of the floor

It would become necessary to know the exact amount of time it will take to sand a floor if it is covered in any carpet glue. If you have a floor that can be easily oiled then it is so good for you. Whether it is penetrating oil or not that you need to consider before determining the exact time the process of floor sanding will take. If your floor is prefinished with aluminium oxide, it will become tough to sand the floor.

  1.     If there is damage

There are various types of damage that you can consider that may sink into the surface of your floor and can even increase the sanding time. The first that can create a problem is dents. If your floor has deep dents, then it indicates that you need to remove lots of wood from the surface. UV damage to the floor penetrates deep into the wood. There are many people that believe that it is the finish that can make the floor in a good condition. 

Wrapping up,

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is one of the best companies from where you can Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne and let them work on your floor sanding needs.

Connect with us for more information about how we work and how much time the process will take exactly.