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Suppose you’ve decided that opting for the service of Floor Polishing in Melbourne for your concrete flooring is the best option for your conference room, retail space, or industrial facility. In that case, the next move is to hire a reputable polishing crew like us at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing. 

Although you might be able to find DIY guides showing you various tricks and tips for saving money but only unless you are an expert, our professionals are committed to providing you with durable and effective services.

Below is the importance of hiring a contractor, as well as the different types of methods involved in polishing:

The importance of a trustworthy concrete polishing contractor:

Unfortunately, we see some people in our industry offering Concrete Floor Polishing services that aren’t quite right—they’ll just do one or two measures, then seal the floor with a transparent sealer to make it look glossier than it is.

The sealer usually wears off in six to a year, and the underlying floor loses not only the lustre of a genuinely polished floor but also the hardness and cleanliness of genuinely polished concrete. Contractors who perform only a partial method do not report this, so it’s essential to understand the entire polishing process.

What a real concrete polishing job looks like?

There are about ten stages to a real concrete polishing work.

It’s a mechanical procedure that involves smoothing the floor with a skilled grinding machine. To achieve the desired degree of smoothness and gloss, each stage uses a different coarseness of grind (ranging from 60 to 3000-grit surfaces, some of which include diamonds).

If you consider, there are two different primary methods with additional benefits each:


  • The dry polish method – For a high-gloss shine on your concrete floor, dry polishing is perfect. The floor is usually polished with massive, corded electrical machines, but smaller hand machines may be used for harder-to-reach areas. Despite its name, water is used to hold the dust down between phases. You may also check out the entire process referring through videos or read our former clients’ comments to get ensured about the service.
  • The wet polish method – Water is used in the wet polishing system at any concrete polishing process level. It produces a dull finish and can only be used in wide, open spaces. The wet polish process has the advantage of having less downtime and offering some cost savings. Because of the amount of water used, the process is virtually dust-free, avoiding dust pollution of the surrounding environment.


Learn all about the differences between wet and dry concrete polishing or contact us for enquiries if you still have doubts.


If you’re looking for floor polishing and sanding services across Melbourne, We at Total Floor Sanding and Polishing will inspect your facility and provide you with an estimate. We’ve been in the flooring business for years, and our flooring crews have the expertise and workforce to complete jobs on time and budget.