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You might have read many floor cleaning and other articles around the internet but you might not have come across the cleaning something like cleaning vocabulary. If you belong to commercial background or cleaning company then you might be aware of such cleaning technical terms.

Also if you have ever gone through any Commercial floor cleaning services, then you might have heard experts using terms like absorbent, buffing, damp mopping, and many others. This blog is all about the technical terms used in the cleaning industry.

Nowadays, floor sanding and polishing industries are also highly demanded because of the high demand for hard-wood floorings in residential and commercial areas.

If you want to work with any reputed Floor sanding Geelong industries then you must be aware of some technical terms so, you don’t get surprised when you hear the term for the first time.

Below are some of the popular terms:

  • Abrasion: Abrasion is a method of removing stains from a floor finish.
  • Abrasive: Abrasive is basically used to determine the consistency of the floor cleaner such as thickness and gritty to assume the intensity of cleaning for better performance.
  • Absorbent: It is a term to describe the material that attracts the particular substance and used for cleaning the surface efficiently.
  • Anti-oxidant: Anti-oxidant is the property that prevents the oxidation process and damage while buffing.
  •  Backing: the backing is usually a protective layer of carpeting that is located underneath the carpet for security.
  • Buffing: Buffing is the process of polishing a particular surface using a cloth, brush, or pad.
  • Build-up: build-up is usually referred to as dirt, debris, and waste that is piled up on the surface.
  •  Concentrate: concentrate refers to an undiluted product that is very strong.
  • Damp-mopping: damp refers to a little bit wet so, damp mopping means a cloth or mop that has little detergent on it.
  • Dilute: Dilute refers to the process of adding water to concentrate to make it weaker.
  • Dirt retention: it refers to dirt and debris that remains after the cleaning.
  • Dry rot: it refers to the carpet having a huge amount of mold that breaks down the carpet.
  •  Fading: discoloration that usually occurs due to over moisture or sun exposure.
  • Mildew: Mildew is a fungus with bad small that degrades the carpet quality.
  • Pitting: pitting is a process where small dents spread into larger ones because of high traffic.
  •  Resin: resin is a thing that offers glossy finishing to the substance.
  • Sealers: sealer is a porous material that is used to make material durable.
  • Sheen: sheen is the word that is used for the amount of shine on the flooring surface.
  •  Stain repellent: that substance applied on the floor to resist the stains.
  •  Stripping: stripping is the process of removing old layers.
  • Tackiness: tackiness refers to determine the stickiness of the surface.
  • Varnish: varnish is a protective finishing.
  • Viscosity: viscosity determines the thickness of the substance while pouring.



Hope you found our blog informative and useful. If you want to work in commercial cleaning industries then the above terms will help you in a better understanding of commercial cleaning and many other cleaning and flooring processes.

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