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While renovating it’s important that all your trade work should be completed before having your perfect timber floor Sanding Melbourne is performed. Choosing it to be prior will have the risk of getting damaged your newly installed timber floor. If it’s done initially than the damage done by tradesmen will have higher repair costs. It will cost you the full re coat for a minor scratch.

So here listed are the great tips to lessen the damage during renovations.

  1. As the kitchen guys will insist you for prior timber floor polishing Melbourne don’t listen to them. As the fact is when they install the kitchen after the floor sanding done, they have to walk over it and shuffle the cabinetry amount it. This leaves lots of opportunities for potential damage. And you engage an experienced timber floor installation specialist to engage the installation and this will cost you a lot more if you have done this prior.
  2. As it is the part of the renovations, have your professional apply the top coat over the polished area which is already existing and when he is final polishing the floor to the uniform level of glass.
  3. Allow your floor to harden for the required time, depending upon the actual finish. And then you can re position your furniture back this will lessen the chances of damaging the floors. There are also a couple of ways to perform the task such as you can keep the Masonite sheets for rolling the heavy furniture items.

In addition, you can also hire good Floor sanding services to perfectly ensure the sanding services as they will also have good expertise in step by step procedure and will guide you through the process that when should all the task be performed to avoid the damage. Even some of the well-experienced services will give you the best results for timber floor sanding Melbourne.


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