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For many of the homeowners, Floor sanding Geelong is not a big job. They believe that it can be completed easily without even needing professionals to handle their needs. If you are also one of these people, it’s time to wake up. See, why we as a Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Company suggest you to rely only upon professionals when it comes to floor polishing Geelong or sanding services.

We have been providing residential as well as commercial floor cleaning services for many years and throughout the tenure of time, we have elaborated that homeowners that don’t choose the right professionals could end up with a mess.

During the procedure of floor sanding and polishing, we came across a few mistakes that many professionals make. We just feel a need to share some workable guidelines to follow and fix things as early as possible.

  • The usage of wrong grit sandpaper

Not using the right type of grit paper is something very serious that people choose. The grit that you start with will always depend upon what type of floorboards you have. If they have already sanded before and just looking out for a refresh then, you will be able to start the process of sanding with finer paper.

However, in most cases, you need to start with coarse paper than you could even expect. If your floors have never been sanded before, the maximum grit paper that you should start to sand. Choosing the right grit is so much important as it will work completely for your floor needs.

  • Improper sanding

The work of sanding your floor is something stressful. Whenever you start sanding the floor, you will definitely see a dramatic change in your floor but when you remove the dirt and vanish from the floor, the procedure will be looking a bit slow. However, the floorboard should not be completely flat which indicates that the floor sanding machine will not be able to reach all the areas of the floorboard at once.

You might be thinking that your floors look enough good and it doesn’t need to get finished but you need to look closely into it. If you have not enough idea about floor sanding and polishing, just approach the experts to guide you rightly.

  • Choose to sand floor diagonally

Many professionals don’t sand the floor diagonally and this is the serious mistake they make. When you choose to sand floor diagonally, the process of floor sanding works quickly as it will even out the floorboards by making floor sanding process quick.

This is where you will not be left with any of the floorboard areas that are difficult to reach. Many professionals don’t choose the diagonal procedure to sand the floor and this is why it ends up with a miserable result. 

Ending up,

connect with Total Floor Sanding and Polishing Company today and pamper your floors. We provide Floor sanding Geelong and floor polishing services without cutting your budget margin.