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Everything starts becoming dull after a certain period of time, it’s the rule of nature that nothing stays permanent as it is.

Whether it is a natural thing or an artificial thing, every single thing has a time limit. Timber wood is a naturally derived substance that is widely used in flooring industries.

Wooden flooring is durable but it needs to be polished and restored its shine and strength after every 10 years.

It’s advised to get your floors inspected by the best residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne to know the condition of the floor because it might seem fine from outside but it might be damaged from inside. 

Here are the reasons that show your wooden floors need restoration and repair service.

Damaged and dull wooden floors.

If your wooden floors are visibly dull and faded shine then it’s to perform floor sanding and polishing service to regain their shine and strength. Most probably the home with pets and small kids is more likely to get scratches and stains on their wooden flooring.

Changed wooden colour:

Many wooden colours tend to change from time to time from dark to lighter because of climatic changes or moisture.

But is easy to restore the wooden floor to its original colour using various floor polishing and sanding methods.

You can style according to your needs in case you changed your mind and recreate other looks according to your creativity.

Scratches and stains on the wooden floor.

Your floor needs the best timber floor staining services in Melbourne if it has more scratches and stains on it. It’s advised to fix the stains and scratches before it’s late. Stains and unusual scratch ruins the whole look of the timber floor.

So, it can be fixed by the proper sanding and polishing method using specific chemicals.

It’s been more than 10 years of installation.

It’s obvious that your floor needs restoration and repair service after 10 years of long period. Timber is a natural product that changes its colour due to moisture and other climate factors.

You might see some timber boards turning grey or black, this wooden discolouration is normal because of regular sun and moisture contact. 

How much do wooden floor restoration services cost?

Generally, wooden restorations and repair service covers everything from top to bottom that is refining the hardwood floor from sanding the top layer. Usually, professional flooring companies charge $1.50 to $4 per square foot.

You can say for an entire room, it costs up to $340 to $900 for a 15 by 15-foot room. Though it varies from company to company.


it’s recommended conducting timely check-up for home as well as floors for good flooring condition and a safe future.

It might cost some money but investment in flooring restoration and repair will ultimately add extra value to your home and make it newly furnished.

So, call total floor sanding and polishing today for any wooden floor restoration and polishing services at your doorstep.