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Wooden floors in commercial premises are hugely popular due to their attractive appearance and effective appeal. There is a wide range of solutions ideally suited for the business environment. Total floor sanding and polishing company have notable industry experience. We have a team of experts who can easily handle all the work of floor sanding and polishing in Geelong services with 100% Satisfaction. Flooring is the basic requirement of any base and it should be perfect. We are the most reliable and trustworthy commercial timber repair company in Melbourne, we deliver the best repair services.

We provide information on how your timber flooring should be optimal; Ensuring that the result lasts longer. Floor sanding and polishing may be the best step to protect the floor and enhance the appearance, as it also depends on doing the cleaning activity.

Some various stages are associated to get the perfect flooring,

Stage 1 – Inspect for Damaged Areas

When the timber floor is scratched or the seals are exhausted it requires a complete repairing process. The commercial timber repair company in Melbourne, offer services where need to be repaired. Everyone loves it when their floors seem clean and bright.

Stage 2 – Pre-preparation

This process requires the floor to be cleaned and sanitized to ensure that surface dirt and dust are removed. Also, need to determine size and shape as it plays an important role in making the right choice, as can lighting a room. Choosing the right style of flooring for your property will largely fall below personal preference, but make sure it matches existing items.

Stage 3 – Floor Sanding Process

This process involves sanding the flooring by a finer grade of joint paper until the required finish. Best serving professionals have invested in dust-free wood floor sanding equipment. This allows the process to take place without affecting the business, employees and its customers. Also, the procedure can be carried out quickly and with minimal interruption in daily operations. Besides, the use of very advanced machinery ensures that the surface is given the best possible, smooth finish for obtaining paint and sealant items.

Stage 4 – Floor Polishing Process

These seals and polish your floor. At the end of the floor sanding, we will use a coat to protect your wood. When these dries, we can polish your floor to the final shine that everyone will like. It will take a few days, but, it will last longer. Floor sanding and polishing in Geelong services are done to keep the floor in top condition.


A perfect floor can best be accomplished with Total floor sanding and polishing who offers the best services for flooring. It is always advisable to ask professionals who specialize in flooring management for regular maintenance and check-ups. A Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne, which will provide this type of professional services to the customer and one should always choose the best. Visit the website today and get a free quote.