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ustrous, shinier, and easy to maintain, polished concrete Melbourne is a great flooring choice, especially for modern interiors in many of the Melbourne based homes, offices, etc. Although, the polished concrete has solely been around for slightly longer than 20 years, and installing this floors has become a style statement in many public and business sectors places. Later on, after some modernisation and revolutionisation, this floor has been used in the residential place so as to give homes unique and exclusive interiors. Today, polished concrete has become the number choice of many homeowners, interiors designers, architectures and real-estate investors. It’s usually marketed to customers as a no-maintenance flooring choice, however in actuality; it takes a bit effort to polish a refined concrete floor. It requires a systemic maintenance plan of regular cleaning, mechanical and chemical maintenance.

Fortunately, Total Floor Sanding and Polishing experts have designed a scheduled plan for maintaining polished concrete that will keep the surface from losing its lustre and shine due to dirt build and scratches in high-traffic areas. Creating beautiful concrete polished floors is not an easy task; rather it is accomplished via a multiple step process. And professional technicians know it very well. Employing our professional services will definitely bring the best results. Look the picture below to see the before and after results–


In this blog, we have suggest some of the Most Important Professional Tips to Care for Polished Concrete Floors

General and Regular Cleaning –

Regular cleaning of your floors is the very important as it will help you in keeping your floors in top conditions for years to come. However, you need to take care of few constraints to achieve positive results.

  • First step to take care of polished concrete floors is to save them from accidental food and or liquid spills. Wipe such things immediately as such things may cause stains or etch the floors. Or if anything gets broken down such as glass, flower pot or any other things, so make sure to picked it up as soon as possible before it scratches your floor (if someone stepped on it or gets kicked off).
  • When the complete work is done, make sure to sweep the floors using microfiber dust mop or a regular broom at the end of the day. In this way you can remove the dust and debris that could make the floors look dull and stained.
  • Weekly the floors should be damp mopped with a solution of water and quality floor cleaner. Wet mopping allows you to get rid of small debris and dirt left on the floor. Remember not to use harsh chemical that will do nothing, but harm your floors.

Cleaning High-Traffic floors Areas

Is your floors receives high traffic on regular basis? Then, you must place mats or rugs on the floor in high-traffic areas and at entryways so that will catch the dirt before it reaches the floor.

Furthermore, if your floor looks uncleaned then you it is very necessary to get it cleaned with using high-quality tools and machines such as auto scrubbers that will be able to give your perfect finish. Make sure to follow the instructions written on the machines use.

Maintaining Polished Concrete Floors

Over the time it might lose its shine and charm. However, it depends upon the how much traffic your floors receive, how floor is used and how you to look after it. However, when this does happen, the shine can be attained back by using effective cleaning, buffing and concrete polishing Melbourne techniques.