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It’s time to take a break from the anxiety of pandemic and explore some incredible flooring designs that are the most wanted in 2020.

You can transform your indoor floor with these trends after lockdown, so, keep the number of your flooring contractor in front of your eyes.

Now, sit back, have a cup of coffee, and explore!

Trend #1. Smoked Wood Flooring

Almost every type of wood can be stained to give it desired finish. Smoked or fumed wood flooring is providing the wood richest colour and grain without getting any staining. The wood undergoes a process called fuming in which the wood is reacted with ammonia that changes its colour. However, you might not get the exact changes but it meets your requirements to some extent. Normally, a dark colour appears after the fuming process as liquid ammonia is directly applied to the wood.  

Trend #2. Bleached & Faded Woods

The glossy brown stain is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people like soft white-washed floor. Such type of flooring includes bleaching process known as blanching. A chemical solution is applied on the wood surface to remove its brown colour. All the dying and stain coating is removed to give ashy and whit looks to the wood. However, the natural stains are still visible but not too much.      

Trend #3. Distressed Wood with some Concrete Tiles

This style has been around for quite a while but gained popularity recently. You can see more of the distressed wood in the homes than other wood styles. Its rustic appearance makes any place look luxurious and stylish. Its worn finish is achieved by scraping, kerfing, and swirling each plank. Glossiness is removed by brushing the surface of the wood to provide smooth worn appearance.

You can also experiment your wooden floor along with some concrete tiles. However, this can be risked only if the Floor Sanding and Polishing Agency Melbourne is experienced like Total Sanding and Polishing. 

Trend #4. Wood with Pretty Pattern

Side by side laid pattern is the best way to provide your wooden floor more practical appearance than being a decorative element. There’s an increase of Chevron or Herringbone pattern in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of a home. Therefore, you can remodel your home flooring to patterns to give it a unique touch.   

Trend #5. Barn Wood Tiles

2020 brings back the barn wood flooring of faux wood flooring tiles that were once popular in the year 2016. Modern technology has made it possible to manufacture a replica of barn wood. You can also find multi-toned barn tiles out there which gives a unique touch to the traditional wood appearance.

Trend#6. Natural Colours

Get back to the basics with natural and simple wooden flooring. This is the best way to sustain your flooring for both indoors and outdoors. The natural colour adds a luxury look to your space and provides utmost durability as you need only occasional Floor Repairs in Melbourne for this flooring.

So which one did you like the most?

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