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Before you finalize to Hire a Concrete Polishing Company in Melbourne it is important to understand and weigh the pros and cons of the polished concrete floors.

Concrete floors are one the most popular floorings in any kind of infrastructure may it be a house, industries, hospitals, commercials, etc.

So it becomes very important to know both advantages and disadvantages of polished concrete floorings.

Here listed are some of the pros of Polished Concrete Melbourne floor that are to be taken into account before getting the Floor Polishing Services Melbourne

  • Longevity

 It has one of the longest longevity among all the other types of floorings. When taken good care of it can last up to a hundred years when taken good care of. This means a lot of saving as fast as floorings are concerned. 

  • Durability

 They are very well known for their resilience and strength. The possibility of damage done is negligible. They can withstand a good amount of stock. 

  • Ease of maintenance 

Apart from the amount of finish done to the concrete flooring the maintenance of their floorings is very simple. Just sweep the floor and the floor is good as new. 

  • Anti-slip 

It is one of the important criteria regarding floorings. This is capable of causing damage when falling by sleeping on the floor. Polished concrete surfaces have a history of being slippery but anti-slip coatings are of a good job here. 

  • Customizable

They are cost-effective for a good reason. Customization is very easy for polished concrete floorings. Variety of colours and textures in a variety of materials that are at affordable prices. Customization has never been this cost-efficient. 

  • No discoloration 

Timber floors when not maintained over time started getting a tint. These are even prone to stains from moisture and wetness. There is no such case with the concrete floorings as they are highly discoloration resistant even with high traffic. 

  • Chemical and thermal shock resistance

Some other types of flooring have a bad impact on chemical substances and heat on the surface. They seem to have stains or irreversible damage from it. They have no impact at all on spilling hot substances on the floor. As for chemical substances, the floor can be protected from very harsh chemicals like acid by chemical-resistant coatings.

Here listed are some of the cons of polished concrete floors

  • Hard surface 

The strength and resilience of these floorings come from their hardness. They won’t feel like a “soft cushion” under the feet. One has to take the help of a mat or carpet when standing for a prolonged time.  

  • Loud noise

At home, things keep falling on the floor but the more irritating thing is the loud noise floor created by the fall. One can be sure that the help of sound absorbers like rugs. 

  • Cold surface

Though less chilled than stone flooring still floorings are chilled. Concrete flooring does not have much capacity for retaining heat. This keeps it cool and makes our feet and the surroundings feel cold.


These floorings do have cons but pros weigh more. No wonder these are some of the most popular floorings. It may be popular but that does not mean that they are the best fit for your house or requirements. Finalize the type of flooring services you want and get Polished Concrete Melbourne services or Floor Polishing Services Melbourne done.