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Starting a restaurant is not an easy thing. There are lots of things that you have to consider before you inaugurate a restaurant – starting from food, furniture, wall painting, décor, to flooring. If you want not to spend frequently on flooring & to not call the Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourne, it is suggested to select the right type of flooring.

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing is a Company that handles Floor Sanding and polishing in Geelong along with floor repair services for a long time now.

But, we know that spending frequently on floor repair is not a commendable option. So, we asked for opinions from many of our expert flooring installers to help our readers on how they could select the right flooring for their restaurant.

And, here is what we concluded.

  • Floor cleaning & maintenance

The carpet that you have on the restaurant’s floor can get affected by dirt and debris. It requires deep cleaning so that it can remain in the actual look for a longer span of time. If your carpet is tightly woven and has large colour, it can be helpful to deal with dirt and stains between cleaning requirements. If you select hardwood floors, it will become difficult to mop and sweep the floor on a regular basis. There will remain lots of foot traffic because of which your floor starts affecting and could lose the charm often. Hence, it is necessary to choose the right type of wooden floor. Moreover, the floors are easy to clean and also require no maintenance. Concrete floors are easy to clean and it even requires no more maintenance.  

  • Budget

There are many restaurant owners that prefer not to spend a lot on flooring and it makes their restaurant business a debt. It is a good thing to spend a little on flooring. Also, there are lots of budget-friendly solutions that come between costly exotic wood and cheap vinyl tile. If you contact any experienced commercial flooring contractor, they can help the owner to choose the right type of flooring for various areas of the restaurant. It can even give your restaurant a long-lasting appeal.

  • Safety

What if your flooring isn’t water-resistant and many of your attendees complain about falling down on the floor? It creates a negative impression of your restaurant. Hence, it would be better to select safety over any other thing. Make sure to select water-resistant flooring as there are some types of tile and finishes that become dangerous to walk on. If it is wet, it becomes even scarier to imagine walking on it. Hence, it is suggested to choose textured commercial flooring with an anti-slip coating that can protect the workers and customers from falling or slipping on the floor. 

End up,

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