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Our floor plays an important role to hold the home aesthetic for longer life. There are lots of things that may affect floor property. However, the floor arrives in different styles, species, and colours which can literally overwhelm anyone. With an opportunity of Commercial timber floor repairs company in Melbourneyou can end up with the personified flooring choices.

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Wooden flooring becomes the most popular option for people these days. The material can add a certain amount of elegance at the place. However, it would be uneasy to choose the flooring solely depending upon the way it looks like. There are lots of factors that require a complete consideration that can make a stable decision.

Here are popular types of wooden flooring choices!

Before we look into different types of wooden flooring, here are the most popular styles you can consider for a better idea.

  • Hardwood

The solid timber flooring is made up of real wood from top to bottom. The wood can be harvested from various trees like pine, oak, and walnut. It’s important to consider the durability as it is durable and it will last for many years if you maintain it properly. It can also be refinished several times with the lifetime. However, when hardwood comes pre-finished like with a top layer then it should be kept away from moisture.

  • Engineered wood

Engineered wood flooring is a real wood glued with different layers of other wood like plywood. This will give excellent stability to the wood over time. The material is completely durable and it is the reason, it can be a good choice for any house. It also holds up better to moisture than any other wood does.

  • Laminate wood

The laminate wood is also known as floating wood that is composed of a synthetic material that stimulates wooden appearance which can then be laminated. The material is fairly durable and the biggest advantage is, it can be easily installed. However, hardwood can be a good choice and it is smarter and budget-friendly alternative these days. It arrives in different wood floor designs and it is resistant to bacteria and mould. So, basically it is more preferable when it comes to choosing the laminate for a flooring choice.

End of the buzz!

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