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Did you Hire Floor Sanding Company in Melbourne recently? You might have been suggested by the experts to take care of the floor.

In case you are unaware of how to take care of your timber floor, you are in the right place.

Today, we will discuss useful information about how to take care of your timber floor.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Ongoing Maintenance is a must for Timber floor

Timber floors are easy to maintain but sometimes numerous things can compromise its finish including grit or sanding that brought into the house through shoes and other footwear. These particles are too small that you might miss them while cleaning the home but they are settling on the floor and damaging it slowly. They scratch the floor surface and make it look dull & dirty. That’s why it’s considered placing a rug or carpet on the high-traffic area of your home.

Another enemy of the timber floor is the utmost humidity and direct sunlight. These two elements lead to a gap between the timber board and the underlying. So consider installing curtain, patio roofs, awnings, and blinds so that any of these elements can’t affect your timber flooring.

Your pet’s nails and sharp foot furniture can damage your timber flor on a bigger level. So ensure to trim your pet’s nails and put a surface protector under your furniture.

Hire professionals for Timber Flooring Services if things are out of control.

Pay Special Attention to the Freshly Polished  Floor

Your freshly finished floor demands specific attention and care. The first precaution to take is to leave the floor alone for a few days.  Ask your friend for moving into their home for some days or find a part-time resident so that your floor can adapt to the environment completely and don’t get damaged as the traffic. After you move, ensure to put rugs or carpet and a doormat so that/ nothing can damage it. Also, clean your floor regularly to prevent dirt build-up. 

Initially, put only light furniture on it. Don’t put much weight on the floor. Don’t slide your chair or other furniture on the floor. If you have kids, take care of their activities for some days.

Even if you have to place heavy furniture such as a fridge, make sure that it is carefully placed on it and the floor is not damaged during the placement.

Be careful with the cleaning Products

Pay attention to stubborn stains. Lightly rub them with the floor cleaner. Also, ensure that your cleaner is compatible with timber flooring. Some detergents or floor cleaners might contain components that might harm the floor’s polishing and make it look dull. So to avoid that, always buy a cleaner that is especially for timber floors. Avoid applying vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or other chemicals for your DIY cleaning. It’s better to hire professionals than to ruin the floor with a DIY procedure and ruin the floor. 

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