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If you are about to hire a residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne, ask the following questions.  

Is your service provider is licensed?

Having your floor installed by the licensed service provider is the most important aspect. This ensures that the service provider you are about to hire is trustworthy. Also, you will get better value when you would want to sell your house.

This also ensures that the service provider is experienced and has handled many projects before. The chances of your floor to be installed perfectly increases in such scenarios.

Having certain license marks the quality work and safety such as proper wiring handling. They will also focus on safety on the job and will carry all the equipment such as helmet, masks, gloves, etc.  

So ask about the license. 

Are they NWFA certified?

NWFA – National Wood Flooring Association – is the international certification that is the symbol of excellence, knowledge, and professionalism. Only a few prominent timber floor staining services in Melbourne acquired NWFA certification. If the service provider that you are contacting has the one, hire them without any delay.  This certification ensures the skill-set and all crucial equipment required for professional floor installation. So ask the service provider for this certification or seek one that has the NWFA certificate.

Will the professionals ensure to measure & record moisture control material and the same for the humidity of the environment?

The standard NWFA guidelines involve instructions for accurate measurement of the humidity of the environment and moisture substances of the timber flooring. If your service provider isn’t acquiring one, back off and look for someone else.

Will they provide any warranty for their work?

Many professional floor installation companies offer job warranty and if you are not getting one, think again about hiring a specific floor installation company. You will not be able to claim your cashback or re-installation if the floor wears out after a few weeks or months of installation if you are not offered with the warranty. Also, make sure that the warranty column is added to your contract so that you can take some legal action if the floor is damaged in any manner. 

How will they handle dust and clean-up?

One must not start sanding and polishing the floor without cleaning it up. No matter whether you cleaned the floor of not, professionals must clean your floor with advanced equipment or technologies so that any dirt or duct build-up lessens the quality of the new surface. Ask the service provider about their cleaning scheme and how they will prevent the dust from entering other parts of the house while installing the floor.    

How much time will the job take?

Don’t make this mistake of overlooking the time taken for floor installation. It could vary from a few hours to 2 days. Also, you might be suggested to leave the floor untouched for at least 6 days. So make sure to ask the experts about all of it in advance. 

Now, make a checklist of these questions, and don’t forget to ask them while having a one-to-one conversation with residential floor polishing and sanding company in Melbourne.