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If you are looking to renovate your store front, timber floor sanding Geelong is a great option. It’s low-cost, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. And it has the added bonus of being natural, which means there are no toxic fumes or chemicals to worry about. The best part about this method is that it gives you complete control over the colour and design of your store front so you can achieve exactly what you want!


Timber floor sanding Geelong is an extremely cost-effective method of renovating your store front. You can choose between a range of different finishes, including painted or stained timber, which means you won’t have to pay for additional materials. The timber itself comes in long planks so there’s no need to cut them down or buy smaller pieces that will waste money and space.

Long lasting and durable

When you choose to have your timber floor sanding Geelong, it is a long lasting and durable choice. Timber floor sanding is easy to clean and maintain. The timber will last for years and years.

Timber flooring is a popular choice for many people and their homes. Timber floors are durable, easy to clean, and look great in any room of your home. The only downside is that they do require some maintenance from time to time.

If you have a timber floor, you will want to keep it in good condition. One method to achieve this is by periodically hiring a professional to sand your wooden floors. This will maintain the beautiful appearance of your wooden floor and guard against long-term harm.

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Variety of colours

Timber flooring is a durable and long-lasting material that can be used for both commercial and residential purposes.Since wood floors can be produced in any colour and pattern, they make a great alternative to traditional carpets when they begin to fade or become dull with time. The timber floors are available in a range of colours from dark brown to light grey and even white. Timber flooring is designed with different grains and style that gives you the option of choosing the one that suits your taste. This gives you more room for creativity and allows you to create breathtaking interiors for your store front or office premises.

Expertise in store fronts

When it comes to store fronts, there’s no substitution for experience and expertise. Total Floor Sanding and Polishing as a flooring professional, we’ve seen the good and bad of what can happen when you work with inexperienced contractors—and we’d like to make sure you don’t fall into the same traps with your own business.

The main takeaway is that we are experts in our field and can provide you with a wide range of services for all your store fronts. Whether it’s a high-end boutique or just an independent business, we can cater to all types of customers and offer them the best service possible. Our expertise has been built up over many years so we know exactly what works best when it comes time to sanding timber floors for store fronts.