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Hey there, DIY weekend warrior. We get it; you love a good home renovation project. But when sanding and refinishing hardwood floors, it does pay to call in the pros. Sure, renting an industrial belt sander seems straightforward enough.

But do you want to deal with the mess of sawdust trailing through your house? Or the hours of back-breaking labour crouched over as you slowly work the sander across each board?

Professional floor sanding Geelong services use high-powered equipment and techniques perfected over years of experience. They can sand an entire floor in a fraction of the time it would take an amateur. And their work will leave you with a smooth, splinter-free finish ready for staining or sealing.

Save your weekend for enjoying the newly refinished floors, not slaving over them! Let the professionals handle the sanding – your back, knees, and floors will thank you.

The Benefits of Using a Belt Sander for Floor Sanding

Using a belt sander is the professional approach to refinishing hardwood floors. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A belt sander can handle large floor areas quickly. The powerful motor and wide sanding belt smooth entire rooms efficiently. Forget about spending days on your hands and knees with a small orbital sander!
  • It provides an ultra-smooth finish. The large sanding belt produces an even, consistent surface across the whole floor. You’ll be left with a flawless foundation for your new floor finish.
  • It’s versatile and can sand flush to edges. The belt sander’s design allows it to sand up to the room’s edges without damaging baseboards or trim. No need to do edge sanding by hand!
  • It offers variable grits for the perfect sand. Start aggressively with a lower grit to sand damaged or uneven areas, then progress to higher grits for a refined finish. Multiple grit sizes allow you to tailor the sanding to your floor’s needs.
  • It extends the life of your floor. Professional sanding with a belt sander removes damaged top layers of wood and provides a fresh surface for your new finish to adhere to. This allows for multiple refinishes over the lifetime of your hardwood floor.
  • It saves you time and money. Although to choose belt sander hire requires an initial investment, they drastically reduce the time and effort required for quality floor sanding projects. You’ll complete the work a fraction of the time – saving you money in the long run.

Professional floor sanding Geelong with a belt sander is the way to beautiful, long-lasting results. Your hardwood floors will thank you for it!

Floor sanding Geelong

How Belt Sanders Work to Sand Floors Smooth?

A belt sander is a powerful tool that uses an abrasive belt to sand wood floors smoothly and quickly. The belt spins at high speeds, efficiently sanding large floor areas.

How the Belt Works?

The belt sander has a motor that spins a pulley and then turns the sanding belt. The belt is a continuous loop of sandpaper that slides over the floor, abrading the wood with its rough grit. As the belt spins, the sander slowly moves across the floor using the handle.

  • The grit, or sandpaper coarseness, can be adjusted based on how much wood needs sanded. Start with a coarser 60 or 80 grit to sand wood aggressively, then switch to progressively finer grits like 120 and 220 to finish smoothing and polishing the floor.
  • The belt sander should be slowly and carefully moved across the floor using multiple passes. Don’t significantly apply too much pressure to avoid gouges when changing direction. Work systematically in the direction of the wood grain.

Belt sanders can leave tiny ridges from the spinning belt that need to be smoothed. An edger or orbital sander is typically used for final sanding and buffing along walls and corners where the belt sander can’t reach. The result is a beautifully smooth floor ready for staining and sealing.

Compared to sanding by hand, a belt sander makes quick work of floor sanding. However, it does require experience to operate correctly without damaging the floor. Hiring a professional base sanding with a belt sander service is the best way for DIYers who are searching for belt sander hire to safely and effectively sand hardwood floors. They have the proper belt sanding machine, experience, and know-how to sand floors and prepare them for a fantastic finish.

Hiring a Professional Floor Sander with a Belt Sander

Hiring a service of professional sanding with a belt sander is highly recommended for refinishing your floors. Here are a few reasons why:

Experience and Expertise

Professional floor sanders have years of experience refinishing floors and are experts in their craft. They know the proper techniques, grits of sandpaper, and several passes needed to sand floors effectively without causing damage. As a homeowner, you likely lack this experience and expertise, increasing the chance of messing up your floors.

Professionals of floor sanding Geelong also have high-quality commercial belt sanding machine or many other equipment explicitly designed for sanding floors. Their heavy-duty belt sanders, edgers, and buffers will do a far superior job than typical hardware store rentals. They’ll get into corners and edges more quickly, leaving your floors glassy and smooth.

Time Savings

Refinishing floors is an incredibly time-consuming and labour-intensive job. It can take several work days to sand, stain or re-coat and apply finish coats to floors. As a homeowner with limited time, hiring a professional to handle the work will save you days of work and frustration. Professionals can complete the floor sanding Melbourne process much faster with their experience and proper equipment.

Higher Quality Results

When done correctly by a skilled professional, belt sanding and refinishing will leave your floors looking brand new with a smooth, durable finish. Professionals know how to achieve an even, consistent filing over the entire floor surface. They can match new wood flooring seamlessly to existing floors. Their work will add value and appeal to your home.

Attempting to refinish floors yourself often leads to a patchy, uneven appearance with swirl marks and burns that detract from the beauty of the wood. It’s worth paying a professional for high-quality results that will last years.

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What to Expect During Professional Sanding Floors with a Belt Sander?

Professional belt sanding of hardwood floors provides several benefits over DIY sanding. Here’s what to expect during the floor sanding process.

Dust control

Belt sanders are equipped with robust dust extraction systems to minimise airborne dust. The sander will have a vacuum hose to contain sawdust as the old finish and wood are sanded away. This helps provide a cleaner work environment and reduces mess.

Smooth results

Professionals have years of experience operating belt sanders to sand floors efficiently and evenly. They are skilled at making multiple passes with progressively finer grits of sandpaper to smooth the floor without damage. The result will be a flawless surface ready for a new finish.

Time savings

Belt sanding an entire floor is difficult, tedious work that can take a DIYer days to complete. Professionals have the proper equipment and experience to sand an average-sized floor in just a few hours. They can also sand and re-coat the floor daily, so you have minimal disruption.

Custom options

Professional floor sanding company allows for customisation. They can sand and stain the floor to match your exact colour choice or apply special effects like distressing or hand scraping for an antique look. They also offer different sheen levels, from matte to high gloss, to suit your needs.

Quality results

Professional belt sanding, staining and finishing results in a high-quality floor. They use commercial grade products designed specifically for hardwood floors to provide superior durability and appearance. The floor will have an even, smooth surface and professional-looking finish.

In summary, professional belt sanding delivers excellent results in an efficient, low-mess process. Your hardwood floors will be transformed with quality sanding and finish for years of enjoyment. Hire an experienced professional floor sander in your area for the best outcome.

How to Maintain Your Floors After Belt Sanding?

Now that your floors have been professionally sanded, caring for them is essential to keep them looking their best properly. Follow these tips to maintain your newly refinished hardwood floors:

Avoid excess moisture

Keep water and other liquids away from your floors as much as possible—place mats inside entrances to catch dirt and absorb moisture. Wipe up spills immediately to avoid water damage. High humidity can also be harmful, so run a dehumidifier if needed.

Protect from scratches

Attach felt or rubber pads to the bottoms of furniture to prevent scratches. Use a protective pad under chair legs or other heavy furniture. Bare feet, socks, and soft-soled shoes won’t scratch the floor, while high heels and pet nails can. Trim your pet’s nails regularly. Place rugs at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from scratching the floor.

Sweep and vacuum frequently

Sweep, dust, or vacuum your hardwood floors regularly to remove dirt and grit that can scratch the surface. For the first few weeks after sanding, you may need to sweep daily. Over time, a few times a week should be sufficient. Use the proper hard floor attachment and height setting on your vacuum.

Minimise sliding furniture

When moving heavy furniture like couches, tables or appliances, lift rather than slide them across the floor. Place a blanket, rug, or towel under the furniture if sliding is unavoidable to prevent scratches.

Re-coat when needed

Have your flooring professional re-coat or re-finish your floors when the protective topcoat shows signs of wear—usually 3 to 5 years for residential floors. Re-coating will restore the protective seal and ensure your beautiful hardwood floors last for years.

With proper care and maintenance, your professionally sanded and refinished hardwood floors will stay as flawless as the day they were installed and become a focal point of your home for generations. Protect your investments by safeguarding them from damage and keeping them clean. If treated well, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.


We are sure by now you’re convinced as you have the top reasons you should hire a professional for your floor sanding needs rather than attempting a DIY job. Sure, renting a belt sander and doing it yourself may seem appealing to save a few bucks, but the results won’t even come close to what an experienced pro can achieve. Choose Total Floor Sanding And Polishing professionals for floor sanding Geelong service that will gleam your floors. We have the proper training, technique, and equipment to sand your floors evenly and efficiently without damaging them. We’ll do the job quickly, and your floors will end up smooth as glass. Not to mention the health hazards and mess you’ll avoid! Do your floors and your sanity a favour—call in our professional floor sanding service. Your floors will thank you for it.