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Timber flooring is not a modern day’s research, but it has a long and proudful history. From the decades, people prefer timber floor for their residential property. For that, they take professional Residential Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne services from a known company like Total Floor Sanding & Polishing.

Timber floor becomes the favourite choice of the homeowner because of its elegant look and sturdy materials. With the timber flooring, you get environment-friendly and “close to nature” feeling. And if it looks dull and loses its glory, replacing is not only one option you have. You can take Timber Floor Staining Services in Melbourne from the professional’s team and enjoy its services without any pause.

But is only one material available in the market? No, so you should choose one flooring option from all for your residential property. But you should know which factor influence your selection. To help you, here we give you complete knowledge on this topic.

  • Solidity

Other than the weather, timber flooring should make the best selection for any flooring type because it has leaser thermal conductivity. There different effect of the climate changes in the various timber species so that you should choose that option which can stay in your area’s weather changes. To get complete details, you have to check the market and contact the best supplier and manufacturing company. If you have higher moisture in the weather then you should choose the best material for more extended services.

  • Cost

Cost is one of the most effective factors when you explore flooring species. But do you know which factors decide the price of materials? If no, then let’s improve your knowledge with useful information.

The dimension of Individual Strip – As floor comes in various size and length so according to your required size and width, you have to pay money. It also depends on the manufacturing process.

Method of Installation – Commonly there are three methods used for Residential Timber Floor Installation In Melbourne including nailing, gluing and combination of nailing & gluing.   

Species of Timber – Most importantly, one factor can change the entire cost of the floor is timer species itself. 

  • Thickness of Floor

If you prefer low-density wood, then it is light weighted and prone to indentations. Redwood, cedar, douglas fir, hemlock and more are a common variety which comes in this range. On the other hand, if you choose hard density wood, then it’s weight heavy and not indentation simply. Examples of hardwoods are walnut, beech, rosewood, Brazilian cherry and many more.

Now up to you, what should your choice and requirements? You also take advice from the expert person or flooring service provider company. According to its thickness, you can assume its stability and durability.       

  • Colour

There is a various colour combination available in the market on the timber floor. According to your requirement and budget limit, you get more and more colour range. If your usage rough and tough, then you should choose the hardest wood colour, so its maintenance becomes easy. For a classic look, select a milled colour. According to the installation place, you can choose different flooring colours.  

Wrapping Up,

All of the above factors are determining your timber flooring selection way so you should consider it in your selection process. With the help of proper Residential Timber Floor Installation in Melbourne services from Total Floor Sanding and Polishing company make your more beautiful.